Before we begin with this week’s photo challenge, last week our theme was “shadows” and there were many fine examples of shadows. There was also debate and suggestions that some images were really reflections or better yet, projections, rather than a true shadow as the absence of light. As an amateur photographer, I am still learning and appreciate everyone’s feedback. A fun challenge, nonetheless.

This week’s theme is sweet, just in time for Valentine’s Day on Friday.

Sweet Early Spring Blooms
Magnolia Tree Blooms

What’s sweet is that our gray winter is showing the promise of spring. Various trees are already boasting their tender blossoms. Although it has been cold here, it has been sunny which seems to encourage these blooms to emerge mid-February. Fine with me!

A Sweet Deal?

I am still working on my book, but I have been a bit distracted of late. Here’s why.

Some of you have heard that we plan to move out of state once my husband retires early next year in 2021. Spokane, Washington to be exact, on the eastern side of the state near the Idaho border.

Last weekend I flew there to meet a real-estate agent and visit the properties we had our eyes on. Sadly, the properties that seemed so promising online were a bust. So much for good real estate photography!

But, Friday, the day I arrived, my sis-in-law and I toured some manufactured homes, of which my hubby and I are intending to eventually buy once we have some land. Now before you ask or scoff, today’s manufactured homes are “not your granny’s double-wide.” Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Could you see yourself enjoying this kitchen and dining room?

Kitchen and Dining Room Manufactured Home
We like this model. Image Courtesy of Home Boys, Inc

Or this master bath?

Master Bath in Manufactured Home
Example of a BIG Master Bath

Prices? The LOW $100,00s for 1500-1700 square feet. Yes, please.

(A sidebar here: photographing rooms in model homes or getting proper scale for land views is an art unto itself, so I don’t pretend to think these are great photos!)

Upon learning my plans, the GM told me of a deal that might interest me. As one of the premier Clayton manufactured home dealers in Spokane, he has opportunities to buy land and sell package deals. For a ridiculously low price (under $60K), he showed me a totally usable, flat ½ acre parcel with electric, city water, and high-speed fiber internet (a concern for rural folks). We will have to add a septic system, but it is ready to build! The parcel is part of a brand-new subdivision, just released in January.

Here is a look at the land.

Our new backyard
Our new front and backyard?

We negotiated the price with the intent to purchase and build one of their homes in early 2021. We just need to touch up the current home I’ve lived in for 32 years and sell it.

This is life-changing for hubby and I. Not just another chapter but a whole new book! Not only will we be close to hubby’s extended family, but our 15-unit subdivision will offer a sense of community while enjoying rural living.

A sweet deal indeed!

And you thought I would be talking about love, candy and all the sweetness associated with Valentine’s Day.

You might be asking why we would move from sunny Northern California to the cold north? The two main reasons are we want to be close to family, yet live in a city where retirement is attainable. Although we have adult children living in San Diego, I refuse to move to be close to them since they are still mobile, and well, Southern California real estate is ridiculous, along with the traffic. Even staying in Northern California is expensive and we would have had to continue to work until we can draw social security in 7 years.

I never thought I would move away from my current home, but I do love an adventure and rural living. This property is situated 25 miles north of Spokane near the Spokane River. We will be a mile from a marina area and park where we can enjoy water sports, hiking and bike trails, and the great outdoors!

Perhaps this is all somewhat bittersweet, but it gets sweeter, and I daresay, definitely sweeter than this:

Valentine's Day Goodies

Chocolates anyone? Lot’s of sweet deals at the grocery stores!

The magnolia blooms are shared for Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge.

For this week’s SWEET challenge, share your creative ideas and photos. You don’t have to show us actual sweets unless you choose to, but do share what is sweet to you!

Enjoy your week and your Valentine’s Day!

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84 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: #Sweet Deals Ahead

  1. Sounds like a great idea and it is fun to have a new project and a complete change. Dad designed a house and they self built it in my sister’s back yard – they didn’t do the actual building, but it was a sort of kit house.

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  2. Congratulations on the land purchase. As you say, manufactured homes are a whole lot different these days. Just make sure they put some insulation in! Actually, I bet there’s some good cross country skiing in that area. I enjoyed that for the exercise and for getting out on the cold, but often sunny days in Eastern Washington.
    Here’s my offering for the challenge:

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  3. Gosh, you sound like us. We never thought we would leave Denver, and look at us now. Granted you have a lot more work in store for you. But with the right perspective, it will be so fun.And then you’ll just have to come visit sunny AZ more often so we can meet up.
    How exciting, Terri.

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  4. Very exciting, Terri! I remember reading something about manufactured homes and how well they are built. The interior of the model home is lovely. I’m glad I visited Spokane a few years ago… I can better picture your soon-to-be home. It was hot (I think we were there in late June) but the surrounding scenery was gorgeous.

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  5. Wow Terri, an exciting adventure awaits!! Wait till you see how much “stuff”’you have to do away with!! It’s a fun and freeing process. Lots of lovely memories as you choose what to keep and what not. Enjoy the moments!!!

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  6. Your move sounds exciting. I would love to create a garden from scratch. We don’t have kit homes over here. Bitter sweet indeed.

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  7. That is big news, Terri. For many of us, 32 years is a long time to live in the same house, although my father has lived in the same house for 58 years in April. What big adventures await you and, as you say, a brand new book is about to start (or has already started).
    I can only imagine the excitement you both will be going through at the change in your lives. As somebody who is not fond of hot weather, Washington state sounds perfect to me.
    Good luck with all the planning. I look forward to you keeping us updated with progress.
    In the meantime, here’s something sweet and unique to us in Wales.

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  8. So. Very. Exciting! That is big and sweet news, indeed. And, I’m glad it all fell together. A new adventure – I love it. Based to Northern California, those prices for land are low. Yet, in Utah and Arizona they are even lower. Making the change to move up north seems smart, as the cost of living will be so much better and a change of scenery isn’t a bad thing. On the other hand, it will be an adjustment to leave your long-term home in Sacramento! I’m happy to read you’ll be close to water sports as well. Plus, the summers will be lovely. I’m sure the dogs will love it up there as well. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Liesbet! There are so many good things about moving on, but yes, retiring where the cost of living is lower is important. We’ve made a lot of improvements to this little house, the 300 SF master BR addition and the second bathroom to name a few. I tell myself that as much as I will miss it and all the memories created here, I believe another family will love this house and make it their own 🙂

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