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This Veteran’s Day weekend finds me relaxing at home amidst the changing Autumn landscape here in Sacramento.

As a city with a large urban forest and a “City of Trees” distinction, Sacramento’s Autumn show does not disappoint once the leaves begin to color. Between Vet’s Day and Thanksgiving (barring any crazy wind or storms) the fall colors reach their peak at this time. Fall here in 2019 got a slow start due to almost record-breaking heat, compounded by dry northerly winds that sparked several California wildfires.

As one drives along the various roads and freeways around town, the changing Autumn canopy is a riot of yellows, reds, oranges, browns, and greens.

Autumn splendor on campus
Campus view on my drive home

Not only does the Sacramento area boast a dense tree canopy that exceeds or rivals other cities like Boston, Paris, and Amsterdam, the Sacramento State University campus is a microcosm of native California trees and a lot more.

Every year, the ginkgo trees show their fluttery, fan-shaped leaves in a riot of yellow. You can see the color change below from this week’s post on Instagram. Last year during Thanksgiving week, the yellow was at its peak and I got a kick out of watching folks armed with cameras and cellphones stopping for photo ops!

I captured this 3-D effect of fallen ginkgo leaves last year floating in a rain puddle.

Fallen Leaves float in puddle amid the reflection of the tree from which they fell
Ginkgo leaves float in a recent puddle

Last week we visited Apple Hill where I captured the beautiful yellows of grape leaves in the Fenton-Herriot Winery’s vineyards. Those evergreens in the background are all over Sacramento and make a wonderful backdrop to the spectacular Fall colors.

grape leaves

What does Autumn look like where you live? Or if you are located in the southern hemisphere where spring is in full swing, do you have some favorite yellow flowers or leaves to share this week?

I’m linking this post with Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Yellow and for Dawn’s Festival of Leaves! Please share your yellow leaves and other flora to help celebrate nature!

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91 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: #Yellow Leaves of Autumn

  1. Beautiful fall colors! That’s the main thing I miss about arriving in Phoenix in early October – totally miss autumn color. I think next year, I’ll plan our travels based around the leaves.

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      1. Michigan and northern Wi rival the NE in my opinion when it comes to fall leaves. So the plan is to stay in WI a little longer next season. Hopefully, I’ll be able to capture some lovely fall images.

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  2. We have a Ginkgo Grove at our state arboretum. They are past peak here but a week ago the photographers were swarming! lol
    I especially love this first pic of yours and the way you have captured the glint of the sun.

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    1. Thanks so much, Hugh! Snow already? This time last year, we experienced the first snow in Spokane, WA, while visiting. Then came home to the horrific aftermath of the Campfire in NorCal. Much different this year. Love that image you shared, now you will have to tell me how you added the image to the comments. Perhaps a new post telling us your trick?

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  3. You seem to be enjoying fall, Terri! Unlike you, happy to find relief from the summer heat, we don’t like fall, as it means we will be cold! And, it will only get colder…

    I have to admit that I like the burst of colors. And, we’ve followed it, or it has followed us, since the beginning of September as we slowly made our way more south from Canada. The colors were most spectacular in New Hampshire. Driving the 1000 miles west to Kentucky had us in awe a few times as well. 🙂

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