Sunday Stills Triangles

“Triangles” is our theme this week for the Sunday Stills Photo Challenge.

This Sunday I had looked forward to being back at our campground in the Sacramento Delta. But this week’s weather is simply too HOT to be anywhere but in an air-conditioned house. The delta breeze should return by next weekend and hopefully, I can enjoy some time on the water.

When I am in windsurf country, I am surrounded by triangles. They seem to manifest in many ways.

Greek Delta symbol

The Greek word “delta” is symbolized by a triangle.

Windsurfer and sail
Hubby waiting for the wind in the sail

Even the windsurf boards are decorated with stylized graphic triangles. This my final submission for Becky B’s Blue Squares in July.

Graphic triangles

Three-sided geometric shapes are found everywhere, whether manmade or in nature.

In nature, triangular shapes can manifest in flowers, like this Coconut Orchid (photographed in the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens in March),

Coconut Orchid

…Or in this blooming sunflower, with its triangular-shaped leaves and unfolding petals.

Black and White Sunflower Bud

These flowers are shared for Cee’s Flower of the Day photo challenge.

Triangles made by human hands are also everywhere you look. School children crafted these fabric flags hanging on fences in the schoolyard.

Fun with Flags

This draw-bridge in Walnut Grove spanning the Sacramento River is full of triangular shapes manifested in negative spaces.

Triangles on the Walnut Grove Bridge
Triangles on the Walnut Grove Bridge

In case you’re wondering, although the cast is OFF and I am mobile again, I’m wearing a removable walking boot which helps support my still stiff ankle and of course, the surgical site at the top of my foot. It is nice to walk around my own house again.

For Sunday Stills this week, show us something shaped like a triangle. Perhaps you can submit a short story or poem about a love triangle, or share your design preference for triangular geometric shapes. Have you had an experience in the Bermuda Triangle? The sky is the limit and I’m excited to see what kinds of triangles speak to you!

August themes can be found on my Sunday Stills Photography page.

have a good week

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55 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: #Triangular Manifestation

      1. Yes you really had a great variety and I loved your creative take on the prompt. I really thought I’d struggle more too but it certainly got the creative juices flowing! Thanks Terri 🙂

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  1. Hi Terri, The Sunday Stills does make me look at the world differently. The Coconut Orchid is interesting and beautiful. Fun to read. Stunning photos! Thanks for the feel good Sunday moments:)

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  2. Great triangles you shared. I went to the same flower route you took – aren’t sunflowers amazing to look at. I like it in black and white too. Thank you for sharing the opportunity to join along with your prompt. Glad to read you’re cast free! Soon you’ll be rid of the other boot. YAY! Hopefully, it will be cooler outside so you can go out and enjoy.

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    1. Thank you, it turned out to be a fun, creative challenge, Shari. Triangles seem to be everywhere! My ankle is stiff and the surgical site is numbish, so I’m walking very carefully around the house when not wearing the boot.


      1. I’ve had a couple of serious injuries in the past 4 years, one that required a year to heal, and found the boot and the arm sling very helpful when walking in public. They alert everyone around to steer a wider berth, and that prevents bumps.

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