The theme “warmth” for this week’s Sunday Stills photo challenge conjures a variety of ideas.

For many, it has been a cold, harsh winter. I spent last weekend in South Lake Tahoe for our Ladies Retreat. The Sierra Nevada mountains in May can be warm, cold or both! This time, although the nights and early mornings were close to freezing, the daytime temps pushed the mid-70s in the sun.

Seeking both warmth and solitude, many found these chairs to provide both.

chairs in Lake Tahoe
Seeking Warmth

Warmth does not have to include sunshine. In a previous post I submitted for the WordPress Photography 101, the challenge was “warmth” and this updated photo shows the warmth of my sister-in-law’s gorgeous kitchen.

Warm Kitchen

Today is Mother’s Day in the US. Although I am unable to see my own mother, I am spending the weekend in the delta with my daughters who both live out of town. The photo below is one of us enjoying fun times in the delta from a couple of years ago.

Enjoying a warm sunset in the Sacramento Delta.

My youngest daughter gave me this beautiful card last year. It’s one of those hand-made 3-D types with glitter and the works. I can see myself in that photo seeking warmth, solitude and some “me” time. She’s even a redhead! The card is definitely a keeper!

Beach Graphic
3-D Mother’s Day Card I saved

I hope you were inspired by this short post today as I finish my rare weekend with both daughters!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers and daughters!

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62 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Seeking #Warmth

  1. Afraid our AC is out and warmth is seeking us. Or finding us anyway. Although, I cannot complain because since it went out 2 weeks ago, our temps have been so pleasant, unseasonably so! Today we are headed for highs in the 90s. Hoping to get the AC fixed tomorrow.
    Beautiful photo of you and the girls. And that card is delightful. Beachside with a book is one of my favorite things in life.

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  2. What a beautiful sharing Terri. I’m glad you had a beautiful Mother’s Day. Your post made me feel warm and fuzzy as it’s mid May and we’re still wearing winter coats here and the sun is a rare occurrence! 🙂

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  3. I hope you had a brilliant Mother’s Day, Terri. Thank you for sharing the photo of you and your daughters. It just shouts love and happiness.
    I love your sister-in-law’s kitchen. Although I’m no cook, I could happily spend a lot of time in that kitchen.
    Have a great week.

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  4. That range of temperatures in The Sierras is just mind-boggling. But talk about a wonderful place to commune with nature; Lake Tahoe never fails to elicit the warm glow of inner peace.

    Your sister’s kitchen is a perfect image of welcoming warmth. I can imagine myself hanging out around the table with good friends there.

    Enjoy your Mothers Day in the warmth of your beautiful daughters’ embraces.

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