This week I have much to be thankful for as I prepare for Thanksgiving.

While we were on the road over the Veteran’s Day holiday weekend visiting family in Eastern Washington, I learned from Facebook about the devastating wildfires raging in northern and southern California.

We experienced the first snow of the season in Spokane while we read about the fire’s devastation 90 miles north of where we live in California. As some friends marked themselves safe, others posted about friends and family members evacuating and losing their homes.

The young woman who stayed at our house to dog sit at the last minute texted to tell me that her extended family evacuated from Chico area and lost their homes to the wildfires.

Within minutes of reading this news and responding to inquiries about our safety, I read about the passing of my favorite high school teacher Mrs Lee, with whom I celebrated her 90th birthday party in 2016. Read my previous post here.

Meeting my high school teacher 38 years later

Shaken at all this distressing news, I simply sat and quietly wept.

We flew to Spokane to visit my mother-in-law we call Mama Hella. My husband recently heard of the passing of his Aunt (father’s sister) who lived in Germany. He felt compelled to fly up for a visit to see his mom and the rest of this family.

son and mother

Mama Hella is 87 and lives in a care home. Her health has declined dramatically since my husband saw her a year ago. He visited her every day while we were there, and all three brothers got together for photo ops with her, perhaps the last ones.

Grateful quote

It is so easy to take our everyday lives for granted.

I’m thankful to our family for hosting us on this hastily planned trip north.

I’m thankful for the last-minute dog sitter.

I’m thankful for the teacher who dedicated her life to educating and inspiring generations of students.

I am thankful for being able to see my mother-in-law, and soon my father at Thanksgiving and my own mother at Christmas time.

I’m thankful to God for my own life and the time He has given me to spend these last days, weeks, months, years with our parents.

My Thanksgiving is perpetual.

As you share the theme “thankful” for Sunday Stills this week, what are you thankful for?

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45 thoughts on “#Thankful Thoughts for Sunday Stills

  1. Terri, like you, I’m so thankful for my family!!
    So wonderful that you got to see Mama Hella, and the brothers got together!!
    I’ll be with my Mama, and brother and sister at Thanksgiving. All that will be missing is my youngest daughter.

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  2. Terri – thank you for sharing. The wildfires are devastating. I have family around the region being impacted by the smoke, and my client’s mother, brother, sister, and niece w/ 3 small children all lost their homes (4 total) in Paradise. From out here in Chicago, I feel so helpless.

    Just need to ask – if you are 90 miles south, where are you located? I grew up in Rodeo, in the SF East Bay and attended high school in Vallejo. Many family and friends still in that general vicinity.

    Stay well and Happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. Oh, Janet, I’m so sorry to hear your family was in the fire! We are about 90 miles south in Sacramento, but the smoke is terrible. Our church has family members who lost everything and I am continually thankful to hear about all the efforts to help. Rain is coming this week so please keep your fingers crossed the fire is extinguished quickly. Nice to meet another Californian. Happy Thanksgiving to you!


  3. Dear Terri, I’m so sorry for your loss, and so grateful that you have the memories and thar you’d shared them with us all.
    Here is my contribution, written before I read your post (I tend to do that, let me muse take me where it may, and only then read what others wrote about the prompt), but perhaps somewhat connected. As we all are, in one way or another, and often closer than we know.

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  4. Your post is so full of hope and love during these sad and devastating times, Terri. I’m so pleased to hear the news that Mama Hella is a little better. You seem to have had very little time for any rest, but it shows just how much of a caring person you are.
    Posts like this one deserve to be stuck to the top of the WordPress reader because they prove that there are still many people in the world who do care and put others before themselves.
    Take good care of yourselves.

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  5. At attitude of gratitude makes for a happy life, Terri. Love your post which is full of joy despite the sadness that surrounds us. Sorry for the loss of your beloved teacher. So glad you will see parents over the holidays – treasure them. I miss mine so much, but am grateful for them and my continued relationship with them despite losing their earthly presence. Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  6. I’m sorry to hear about these current blows, Terri. I remember your favorite teacher from a precious blogs. And, you are right that in times of disaster and sadness, we should (and usually do) think about what to be grateful for.

    I have found myself with similar thoughts, recently. Not only because of the fires and all the devastation and heartbreak it brings, but also when I think of less fortunate family members and how poor health can ruin everything, irrelevant to age, wealth, sex or culture. Sigh.

    May you have a happy Thanksgiving with reinstated smiles!

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  7. I got a little teary eyed while reading your post. The fires are horrible. We have indeed a lot to be thankful for. I’m going to try to narrow it down to one post, and post it tomorrow, or later this week. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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      1. Thank you for doing that! One of the most beautiful things, is seeing people come together to help each other. When I lived close to the Carr fire strangers often approach me on the streets asking how I was doing, I needed something, if I had a place to stay etc. many people loaded their trunks with food and drove to places where evacuated people where hanging out during day time giving them food several times a day. Some restaurants offered free meals for evacuees. That was heart warming to see, in the midst of chaos. Happy Thanksgiving!

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