As Autumn begins to wane in most places, I wanted to share two photos of what was left of Autumn in Spokane, Washington, from our visit last weekend.

Fallen frosted leaves

In the featured image above, the last of the leaves abruptly fell overnight after the snow.

Before the snow fell, it was a brisk 29 degrees when we went for our morning walk.

frosted leaves

Here in Northern California, Fall is alive and well, but the smoke from the Camp Fire continues to fill the Central Valley with extremely unhealthy air. College campuses and schools have been closed all week due to the incredibly unhealthy air.

The extreme conditions make it difficult to get out and take photos of the peak of Autumn here. My prayers go out to the victims of the wildfires and to the brave men and women firefighters continuing to battle the fires.

Festival of Leaves

Cee’s Flower of the Day (FOTD)

Autumn SIGNature

32 thoughts on “Friday’s Frosted Festival of #Leaves

  1. Autumn has displayed her colours beautifully in Washington State, Terri. The added frost to the leaves helps bring the colours out even more. Hope you enjoyed your trip.
    It’s devastating what’s happening in California with the wildfires. My heart goes out to everyone who is affected. I hope the weather changes soon so that the fires stop and the smoke disperses.
    Take care.

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    1. We were so lucky to visit Mama H. She took a turn for the worst last night. We got snowed on, the first of the season there, it was magical (but COLD)! Rain is expected beginning Wednesday, which is a huge blessing to the state, but a curse to the fire affected areas due to possible flooding. Oy! Thank you for your continued concern, Hugh, it means a lot!

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    1. Thanks, Graham! We had a good time. I’m sharing a little about it tomorrow. Smoke is still horrible. The extremely unhealthy air quality officially put our area as the worst air in the world just above New Delhi! My daughter lives in the Bay Area and she just packed her cats and high-tailed it to her boyfriend’s cabin in Lake Tahoe where there is no smoke!

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  2. Gorgeous photos, Terri. I visited Portland, OR friends last week and got to the glory of autumn up north. Even took a few photos.

    Thank you for the tribute to those who are suffering from the devastation of the fires in California.

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    1. Thanks, Jodie! There has been no wind or rain to push the smoke out so it just sits here. Worst I’ve ever seen it this long. We may get some rain over Thanksgivings so that may push the smoke east. Hope it dissipates before it comes your way!


  3. It is cold here but the Sun is shining and most of the trees are bare. Smoke from the California fires is around us. We have been having some lovely sunraises. Take care and have good weekend.

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