Sunday Stills: #Twin Fathers

This week’s Sunday Stills photo challenge theme is “twin.”

I posted the above image on Instagram a few weeks ago. The dandelion weed with its twinned shadow, grew in a crack in my driveway and the dual colors of cement made an interesting yin-yang effect.

When I think of the month of June, I can’t help but think of Gemini, one of the constellations of the zodiac. Gemini is Latin for twins. According to Greek mythology, Castor and Pollux, real stars in the night sky, make up the constellation Gemini, which can be seen in the northern hemisphere’s summer sky.

My husband is an identical twin.

Since today is Father’s Day in the U.S., I had to tie this theme in to my husband and his twin brother who are both celebrating Father’s Day this weekend on different parts of the West Coast.

Twin brothers

My hubby is in San Diego visiting his children and his first grandchild! In the photo, that’s my husband on the right. They have been known to play twin jokes on many people over the years. When I knew them in high school (yes, really!), I could not tell them apart. They may be nearly identical physically, but have very different personalities.

And just for fun, I threw in these twin doors (for Norm’s Thursday Doors) found in the Gold Rush town of Sutter Creek, California.

Twin Doors

Other words associated with twin are couple, clone, duplicate, double and matched. How you interpret twin is up to you.

Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with for the theme! Linking up is optional!

Happy Father’s Day to all the hard-working dads!

Camera graphic

67 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: #Twin Fathers

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  5. mommyhon333

    So excited that you reached out to me and to discover your photo challenge. Love how you tied the theme of your still for this past week with your husband and his twin, and the astrological sign for June. Clever, girl!

    Am I understanding that you announce the new theme on Sunday? Please let me know as I would love to play along.

    Your dandelion and its shadow are a brilliant interpretation of twin or pairs. I am doing the 52Frames photo challenge and several weeks ago, our prompt was partners or pairs. I did a pair of pears about to be pared. Fun.

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  6. You put your blog entries together so expertly! When I saw the dandelion photo on Instagram, I was amazed how perfect a photo it is, especially with the “split personality” caption you had!

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  9. Your hubby and his bro look like they’re discussing a bit of potential mischief 🙂 The dandelion photo is awesome, and I love the twin doors…actually, I love the whole house! Hope you had a great weekend, Terri ❤️

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    1. Haha, Hugh, two tricks involved me! One was just me mistaking the back of brother-in-law for my hubby and sneaking up behind him as we was fixing up some chicken for BBQ, putting my arm around him and saying “hi honey.” To which he responded “hi honey” in a high voice, with Hans right behind me. We all had a good laugh. Hubby is the youngest, but neither is more bossy than the other. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Liesbet, not sure what is more fun, creating the themes or challenging myself to find the appropriate images 🙂 Hans is spending his Father’s Day with his kids in San Diego this weekend. Just returned from the Auburn area of the Sierra Foothills visiting my dad 🙂

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