Brodie's First Water ExperienceSitting around with my family this morning after yesterday’s Thanksgiving celebration, I’m reminded of just how much transformation effects all of us, and even while in uncertain situations, we remain positive and thankful.

This year, many of my family members have been impacted and no doubt, transformed, by unique life events, such as moving to new homes, changing jobs, breaking bones, announcing not one, but two pregnancies, and for the little ones, growing up and moving on to adolescence.

Transformation, the theme for the weekly photo challenge, also affects nature and animals.

My daughters and I took a nice morning walk with our dogs and exclaimed over the continuing show that Autumn has put on over  the last few weeks.

Like people, dogs grow up quickly. In the featured image above, Brodie experienced his first water adventure, transforming him into the duck-hunter/retriever he was bred to be. No ducks for Brodie, but fetching a stick in the waves, or riding along on our stand-up paddleboards is enough for him!

In case you are wondering, Brodie is a pure-bred Boykin Spaniel. Similar to my other dog, Aero, I discovered the breed through another blogger, Joan, at MVObsession, whose daughter loved and owned a beautiful Boykin Spaniel. I am thankful that I saw this post!

I would be remiss if I didn’t share a photo of Aero telling Brodie how things will be. A little canine socialization leads to transformation for both of these cuties!

Aero coaching Brodie on the finer points of a dog's life
Aero coaching Brodie on the finer points of a dog’s life.

We got Brodie in late January 2017 as a 7-week old puppy, and now, at almost one year old (Dec 10), he has transformed into a loving, mature, young adult dog, yet still playful and full of character. For what’s left of my shoes I’m thankful!

Transforming from puppy to adult dog right before our eyes

While walking, my mind immediately thought of how trees transform all year round, and I remembered some older posts from Cardinal Guzman’s Monthly Photo Challenge feature, which is still going strong!

Once again, my Chinese Maple Tree:


Transformation is a process for which to be grateful.

Transformation is a journey without a final destination. Marilyn Ferguson

In your life, are you open to transformation?

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47 thoughts on “The Transformations of Dogs and Trees

  1. I believe that being open and accepting of the transformation in our lives leads to a positive and healthy lifestyle. I find this is especially true in retirement when things that I had taken for granted or no longer that way. Great post!

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  2. Great examples, Terri. I’ve seen my 11 year old dog Coco age and adapt, but as long as he has us, he is happy. So even though some transformations are very difficult to accept, we have to focus on what we have at this moment.

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  3. Liking that word…feels more spiritual than transition. I tend to be a process-girl, but thinking maybe next year I should focus on transformation in retirement. Love your doggies also; I wasn’t aware of that breed…great faces!

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  4. Nicely done Terri! Your pups are beautiful and you really captured their spirit in the opening photo. As for family-how very true. This year we have 2 HS seniors looking to select their colleges – such a fun time for them. We’re happy to share in their transformation!

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  5. Aero and Brodie are adorable and it is fun to see the transformation of Brodie from puppy to adult. We’ve been reminded of the transformation of trees looking at barren branches now that November is upon us. We also had a crash course in it when hurricane winds toppled at least a dozen trees in our back yard reminding us that everything is temporary. Lovely photos and food for thought, Terri.

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  6. Who’s a good doggie?!!! That face! I had never heard of a Boykin Spaniel before! I’m finding that I enjoy the transformations MORE now in retirement – because I have the time to approach them with mindfulness and intention…instead of just blasting through life like a freight train as I used to do when I was working! Happy Belated T day, Terri! ~ Lynn

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    1. Thank you, Lynn, isn’t he a cutie? I would have never found this breed if it were not for another blogger! I still feel like I’m blasting through life (at least each semester) but it’s a blast I can control working part-time! Hope your Thanksgiving was relaxing!

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  7. I like your take on transformation, Terri. Thanksgiving is a good time to reflect on the temporary nature of life; we need to remind ourselves that life’s events are unavoidable and we should be grateful for what we have and achieve.
    Your dogs are adorable, and I love Aero coaching Brodie. The Maple tree looks gorgeous too.
    As always, you write so well. Thanks.

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  8. Wow, Brodie is getting “big”! I’m open to transformation if it brings positive changes. 🙂 You, and your family, seemed to have had a lot going on in 2017, Terri. Hope the new year will bring some peace and quiet.

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  9. It would be such a dull world without change, Terri. I think the same goes for our blogging and writing as well. I always disliked change, but now embrace it as part of life’s path.
    Such wonderful photos of Aero and Brodie. I can see so much character in them. It’s hard to spot the changes, though, when you see your pets every day. I guess the same goes for us humans.

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    1. Hugh, this is so true! Our dogs grow but slowly, even as puppies. My step-son couldn’t believe how big Brodie got just after 5 months. Change IS good and I do think as we age, it can be difficult to do so, but I actually try to embrace it knowing it is inevitable.

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