Students hanging out in the trees

Mid-October finds me longing for trees decked out in Autumn splendor. Here in Northern California, as the nights get cooler and the day time temps hover in the upper 70s, the leaves have a couple more weeks to go before we see significant color changes.

For now, as I post for Sunday Trees hosted by Becca atΒ “On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea,” Β I will have to settle for some photos of leisure and play time in the trees.

Last weekend, I had arranged for one of my recreation classes to participate in the campus Peak Adventures Ropes course. Facing their fears, they embraced their opportunity to climb up trees over 40 feet in the air to a platform, rope or pole from which to execute the challenge.

In spite of them being harnessed in and belayed by professional staff, students reported the lasting affects of the adrenaline rush of walking across a wobbly rope while looking down on fellow well-wishers.

Student scales a tree showing perspective

And…she jumps!

Student takes the "leap of faith" 40 feet in the air at the Peak Adventures Challenge Ropes Course in Sacramento.

I can’t wait to read their reaction papers!

I am also including these for the Weekly Photo Challenge Scale! Please feel free to participate in these photo challenges!

What did you do this weekend?

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33 thoughts on “Playing in the Trees

  1. I did a tree/ropes course thing once at my son’s summer camp. We parents were invited to participate and I faced my fears and took the leap. Unfortunately the two people holding ropes on the ground had some difficulty and I did an egg beater maneuver resulting in a few rope burns and bruises. I was the only parent with injuries. They were minor and I laughed about it, but I’ve never done it again. Haha!

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  2. Wow. It is interesting what something like that does to your mind and body. I have not done a ropes course, but I have tried ziplining, bobsledding, and rappelling. I am not naturally a thrill-seeker, so I was terrified each time, but so exhilarated afterwards.

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  3. This weekend, I stepped off a curb very carefully. Not making fun of the students who leapt and flew through the trees, but having dislocated my elbow last year, breaking all 3 bones, tearing 2 ligaments and 1 nerve, taking nearly year to heal after a 4-hour surgery, I am cautious about where I step. I admire their courage and strength but this is not for all of us.

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  4. I like the idea of doing something risky but with a safety harness. I’m not a big fan of heights, but it looks like it would be a really fun activity.

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      1. I get you Terri. I started a in summer/fall of 2015. Had to start all over from scratch on both blogs I think. I’ve still got my original one. Mostly because I did’nt want to lose all the work I put into it. Lost almost all my followers. 😦

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