Pine Trees make a window onto the world of Yosemite Valley

While the featured image is not your typical glass-pained window, the frame of the pine trees yields a glorious view of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley.

“Oh these vast, calm measureless mountain days, days in whose light everything seems equally divine, opening a thousand windows to show us God.” John Muir

For all its natural beauty, sadly, this very mountain endured a recent rock-slide where reports from bystanders described “rocks the size of an apartment building” randomly detached and fell onto the valley floor.

John Muir’s sublime quote can be applied to any leisure experience we choose. Our leisure time spent enjoying wonderful places on our vacations and every day lives also opens countless windows to the wonders of our world.

This can be as adventurous as spending a day exploring an old, abandoned lighthouse in Mexico…

Framed in what's left of the Lighthouse window
Framed in what’s left of an abandoned lighthouse window

…to discovering a partially submerged window in an old abandoned pumphouse on Lake Natoma while stand-up paddling…

Old pumphouse window partially submerged plays trick on the eyes
Old pumphouse window partially submerged plays trick on the eyes

…Or as simple as enjoying the view of the swimming pool from a condo window…

Condo Window looks out onto leisure.


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Quote by John Muir "Opening a Thousand Windows"


Posting these WindowsΒ  of leisure for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

What windows open for you in your leisure time?

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30 thoughts on “Opening a Thousand Windows

  1. Hi Terri
    Beautiful photos. El Capitan is always breathtaking. The shot of the pools outside the condo window is amazing. Someone is lucky to enjoy that view every day. I also love the texture and movement in your partially submerged window,

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  2. What wonderful views, and I rather like that Condo window as well. However, I like what you did here in that not all windows have glass in them, Terri. In fact, they can have tears in them as well when you think that our eyes are our windows to the world.
    Have a great weekend of looking out of your own personal window.

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  3. I will never forget the first time I saw Yosemite Valley after driving through the tunnel and stopping at the outlook for the iconic view. You’ve written a very moving observation, Terri, that makes me feel how small I am in all this splendor. And I do hope the El Capitan rock slides are over.

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    1. I love that memory, Sharon, and thank you. Those rockslides are something else! I remember 12 years ago, there was a huge one at Happy Isles near Vernal Falls. My daughters and I had just visited there the week before. Indeed Nature is powerful!

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  4. Beautiful images, Terri and a great interpretation of the theme. Very original and oh so attractive, each one of them, I wish I could stand on your side of the “window”. πŸ™‚ In my leisure time, windows of many different worlds and places open, and I always wish I could linger longer in those new spots.

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