Puffed up hummingbird enjoying the rain

I have a hummingbird family living in my backyard! I believe they are the “Allen’s” species which are known to stay year-round even in Northern California. Since most hummers migrate to warmer climates, it’s nice to see this little family sticking around.

I captured this photo as the male hummingbird finished feeding. It had rained hailed, then the sun came out and suddenly he flew toward the feeder (see photo below).

After his feast, he perched high up in our redwood and fluffed up his feathers, apparently taking a shower as the drops from the pine branches dripped on him. Do you detect a glint of self-satisfaction in his eye? He seems to be smiling!

I’m not sure which species are more Resilient, the ones that migrate or the ones that spend their winters in colder climates. At least it doesn’t snow here and I keep the feeder well stocked.

Rainy day does not stop this hummer from feeding
A rainy day does not stop this hummer from feeding!

I took these photos with my new camera, a Panasonic Lumix FZ300, recommended by fellow blogger/photographer Frank at Petaluma Spectator PhotoBlog.

He has taken me “under his wing” (pun intended in this case) to recommend this camera and to assist me with tips and knowledge on how to use it. Maybe it’s because we are Northern California neighbors and have been participating in the Weekly photo challenge these past two years!

I still have a lot to learn, so don’t blame him for the not-so-sharp photo of the hummer with the feeder. I’m still messing with the settings!

For more information on hummingbirds, click here.

These photos were submitted for the WordPress weekly photo challenge. Thanks for stopping by!


35 thoughts on “Resilient Hummingbirds: Backyard Birdwatching

  1. How awesome! We LOVE hummingbirds. Though, this far north we don’t get many. We put our feeder out and every year like clockwork a few show up on the long weekend in May (Memorial Day). They sit on the feeder right outside our kitchen window. When we lived in VA we’d get dozens of them. That was amazing to watch!


  2. Thank you for linking up to ALL SEASONS! Hope you keep coming every week:):)
    Looking at your sideba,r you are much too young to be retired! Or is this a photo from years back. After your first comment went a few times to your blog, but could not figure out where I would comment!
    Read my “About” section and then you know much more about me. Have a great week!

    Love hummingbirds, and we have a similar feeder. Only lately we don’t see them much anymore. Come to find out that a neighbor a house down across the street has at least 10 feeders! Oh well, it’s the thought that counts, lol!

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  3. Great photos! I noticed one hummingbird flitting around the yard the other day. It surprised me that it was hanging around in these cold temps and the rain. I think I’ll put up some nectar in case it’s hanging around.

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  4. That’s a great picture. I always love seeing hummingbirds. Once, one tried to get nectar from my sister in law’s bathing suit which was covered in tropical flowers.

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  5. What a cute little bird. My grandson who is 2.5 years old loves standing at his bedroom window and looking at the lorikeets. They are so noisy and colourful and we can spend an hour just watching them. That is a special time for both of us.


  6. There are records of the Anna hummings winter the last two winters in the Boise Valley. I think I remember seeing the notation here is fall. You can get from Lowe’s or Home depot a electrocal chord that will keep the liquid fluid in freezing weather. Check it out on the birding sitrs.

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