As we prepare to gather around our holiday tables with our loved ones, lets reflect on the gatherings of our creatures great and small.

Whether it is dogs gathering with their “pets,” a herd of cows gathering for lunch or possibly to play with the dogs,  they all love to be with their friends.

At the arboretum and koy pond in San Diego’s Balboa Park, people walk by an egret anxiously awaiting his meal in the gathering of a school of fish.

The egret knows there is a school of fish gathering in the Balboa Park Koy Pond

Dogs and their pets gather  as the public swimming pool opens for a weekend of Doggy Dip Days. I never could figure out who was smiling more–the happy dogs or their owners!

Dogs and their pets gather for Doggy Dip Day at the public pool.

Gideon keeps a watchful eye and safe distance on this friendly herd of cows which have gathered at the fence border of our windsurf campground. Aero, the small, brown Cocker-mix can almost be seen just to the left of the tree, getting up close and personal.

Gideon watches the herd gather

Leisure time allows us to gather with our friends and families for holiday gatherings and other occasions.

What is your favorite reason for gathering?


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20 thoughts on “The Gatherings of Creatures Great and Small

  1. It is a delightful post, Terri. I love you reflection. I have no pets but visited friends over the weekend who had a dog, and it was such a pleasure to watch their relationship.
    And that was the kid of gathering I like too. Last minute plans leading to a great gathering of friends, good food, laughter and communion of thoughts.
    Happy Holiday Season my friend!

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