Today is my shameless plug to announce my two year wedding anniversary to my wonderful husband. I have been so busy with STUFF that I literally forgot what the date was today. One of my Facebook friends wished me happy anniversary on my timeline this morning! Oh yeah! It’s my anniversary!

I cannot express to you how wonderful a second-time around marriage is. I am not encouraging you to run out and experience one, unless, a) you are single and looking, or b) you are in a great relationship after a previous divorce and still deciding to tie that knot.

I am blessed with a wonderful man who adores me. Of course I adore him. He brought spontaneity and fun back into my life and in turn, I gave him the structure and support he needed in his life. Then he went and introduced me to windsurfing and a life of excitement and travel.

Gushing much? Yes. I am thankful to God for this relationship.

If you want to read more about my wonderful relationship, read here about how we met.

I would love to hear your second-time around stories.

28 thoughts on “Happy Two Year Wedding Anniversary to Me

  1. Terri!! Congrats to you and your husband on your second anniversary!! Wishing you many many more years of joy together !

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  2. Hi,
    Happy Anniversary!
    What group did you recommend for me on FB? I forgot, so I can’t go back there!
    I haven’t been to FB to see if you wrote back about the RSS, but I want to be included. Congratulations.


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