Happy Two Year Wedding Anniversary to Me


Today is my shameless plug to announce my two year wedding anniversary to my wonderful husband. I have been so busy with STUFF that I literally forgot what the date was today. One of my Facebook friends wished me happy anniversary on my timeline this morning! Oh yeah! It’s my anniversary!

I cannot express to you how wonderful a second-time around marriage is. I am not encouraging you to run out and experience one, unless, a) you are single and looking, or b) you are in a great relationship after a previous divorce and still deciding to tie that knot.

I am blessed with a wonderful man who adores me. Of course I adore him. He brought spontaneity and fun back into my life and in turn, I gave him the structure and support he needed in his life. Then he went and introduced me to windsurfing and a life of excitement and travel.

Gushing much? Yes. I am thankful to God for this relationship.

If you want to read more about my wonderful relationship, read here about how we met.

I would love to hear your second-time around stories.

28 thoughts on “Happy Two Year Wedding Anniversary to Me

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  2. Hi,
    Happy Anniversary!
    What group did you recommend for me on FB? I forgot, so I can’t go back there!
    I haven’t been to FB to see if you wrote back about the RSS, but I want to be included. Congratulations.


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