Today Was a Good Day

The theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge is to share a gallery of what a good day looks like. My gallery shows photos of what a typical day looks like in La Ventana, Baja Sur, Mexico. I have been there twice and already have made plans to visit again in January 2016. This is one of the winter windsurf and kiteboard capitols of the world.

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You can see that we keep busy from sunset to sundown! Where do you spend your winter retreat (if you are lucky to get one)?

25 thoughts on “A Good Day in La Ventana

  1. The phoeots are beautiful. You’re lucky to see such places. 🙂

    Alas I spend my winter retreat under my duvet as much as possible. 🙂

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  2. Sounds like a good day indeed Terri! January 2016 is not too far away. So many lovely photos. My favorites were 1) The Lonely Beachcomber, 2) The Window Sunrise 3) Early Morning SUP and 4 The 35 Pelicans


  3. Ahhh fantastic pics Terri! I’m basking here in the NYC sunshine but I know that winter is looming! One day I’ll escape to 365 days of summer;)
    Happy weekend!!

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    1. Hi Lia! I think you’re a little like me and still love he change of seasons. Enjoy your NY sunshine! We’re finally having “normal” summer weather here–cool in a.m.; warm in afternoon! have a great weekend as well!

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