Turquoise is the theme for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. While the photos themselves are full of turquoise and other hues of blue, the fun they exude is in the eye of the beholder.

I love how the kites from the nearby kite boarders are juxtaposed over the area where the windsurfers enter the water.


Of course, no photo essay to describe turquoise would be complete without a shot of the beautiful blues found within Lake Tahoe.


What activities would you take part in if you found yourself next to Lake Tahoe?

These photos were submitted for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Teal or Turquoise.

11 thoughts on “Turquoise Waters and Sky

  1. Lovely blue hues here;) I like how the kites look like birds flying in the sky:) if I were in Lake Tahoe, I’d go hiking and photograph hunting:))) and some paddle boarding perhaps?

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      1. Indeed! So free and liberating in the sky! Thanks I had a great weekend at the beach again:) I love Coney Island! Hope yours was great too!

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      2. It’s a super fun place:) Unf I’m only on Instagram :((( I’ll post more on the blog about it since I’m going back soon:))

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