Leisure Connects Us

Leisure Connects Us

Connected Participating in leisure connects us like nothing else. To be able to fill leisure intelligently is the last product of civilization.  Arnold J. Toynbee A man looks toward the beach as kite-boarders get ready to launch their kites. Behind him are stand-up paddle boards waiting for customers to come out and play. Perhaps he …

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Windy Art: Sunday Stills

Modern Art. An interesting concept. Art can be anything, depending upon the perspective of the person and his or her point of view. Modern Art is this week's challenge for Ed's Sunday Stills. Here is my entry. This was taken at Thanksgiving time in Hood River, Oregon, on the Columbia River Gorge. This area is the …

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Tree Farm

Sunday Stills: Spooky Tree Farm

For Ed's Sunday Stills, Agriculture challenge, I found a photo of this tree farm I took from Oregon Highway 94 in central Oregon, as we were travelling for Thanksgiving holidays from Portland to Spokane. As we drove by, we saw acres and miles of these tree farms. You can see how closely the trees are …

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