Riding a Bicycle

Guest Post: Riding a #Bicycle

As summer winds down, more folks may be getting out on their bicycles to enjoy the cooler weather. More riders on the roads and trails may mean more chances for accidents and injuries. Bicycling is a fun activity, but, unfortunately, like any other activity, there are dangers and injuries that may arise from accidents. I am …

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Winter Cycling Safety. Reflective, bright clothing.

Leisurely Thursdays: Winter Cycling Tips

As winter draws near in the Northern Hemisphere, avid cyclists and even recreational bicyclists still enjoy their rides, whether for fitness, fun, or transportation. For my Leisurely Thursday post, I share tips to help you with your fall and winter cycling experience. In temperate climates like California or Florida, where cycling can be enjoyed almost year …

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15 Summer Cycling Safety Tips

Summer is upon us and outdoor leisure activities abound! What is better than a bike ride on a beautiful summer day? Despite the heat and humidity, we still want to ride for fitness and leisure. Don’t let this stop you, but take some time to read through these summer cycling safety tips that will take …

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Recumbent bike

Spring Cycling

Spring has sprung in the northern hemisphere and it came in with cool mornings and warm afternoons. Spring also brought tree pollen which aggravates my allergies. With hankie at the ready, and the American River Bike Trail calling my name, I set out for a one-hour morning ride. I use the app, Map My Ride, …

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5 Tips for a Successful Bicycle Ride

 Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle... I want to ride my bicycle…Queen To end Fantastic February, my hubbie and I went on a bicycle ride on a rather blustery, cloudy afternoon. As I watched my husband’s back most of the ride, I enjoyed the critters and birds along the trail. We saw a herd of 15 deer run …

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Wheel In the Sky

"The wheel in the sky keeps on turning..." Journey Here is a shot of some late winter sun shining happily. The song "Wheel in the Sky" came to mind. On closer inspection, it looks as though a wheel-like UFO flew into the shot. Cee's Black and White Photo Challenge's theme this week is "wheels." Other …

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Sunday Afternoon Bike Ride Reveals…?

A warm, Sunday afternoon in January just screamed for a bicycle ride. My poor bike has been patiently waiting for me to take it out since November. I figured I'd ride 20-30 minutes, nothing too strenuous, as I am almost done with this two-week long head-cold. So I pumped up the back tire, attached my phone …

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