For Wordless Wednesday, let your images tell the story

Snowshoe View
My snowshoe View

Summers are for hiking and winters are for snowshoeing.

Tall Pines Park Lake Spokane Parks District
Lake Spokane Parks District, local area for snowshoeing

Sharing for Jo’s Monday Walk and Marsha’s WQW: Winter

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Bitmoji snow signature

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48 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: When Life Gives you Snow, Go Snowshoeing

    1. Snowshoes are relatively inexpensive depending on where you buy them Hugh. My set, complete with adjustable poles, carrying bag and the snowshoes was about $100 dollars which is really good! After another round of 5 more inches of snow overnight, it’s perfect conditions to snowshoe in my own backyard today! Ibuprofen is great for achy legs!


      1. -2c here today, Terri, with a thick day-lasting frost but no snow. It’s very slippery underfoot, and hate to think what the frost does to the dogs’ paws, but at least they have thick coats to keep them warm. We get so little snow in Swansea that snowshoes would never be used. However, there is some snow if we travel out of the city and up the valley road.
        Have a great weekend.

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  1. Well you look happy to be out in the snow Terri – oh my, just looking at the snow on your boots and snow shoes makes me cold. We’re having a wintry mix a few overnights this week and that can stay away if it likes … I’m greedy to have snow-free treks as long as possible. I like that cartoon of you pushing a snowball at the end. Very clever!

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    1. I don’t mind the snow, Linda, I am careful to choose a safe place to walk with all this snow. Most of my hiking trails nearby are tricky with this much snow, so I walk up and down my street listening to an audiobook while walking my dog for now. We’re getting another winter blast the next three days, so I may be indoors! Glad you like my bitmoji image, LOL!

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      1. Snow is nice to walk in if you have sure footing – I agree Terri. A fellow blogger lives in Oregon. Sabine’s been on a blogging break for a while, but we keep in touch. She sent me an e-mail to tell me me how much their White Shepherd puppy Mocha loves the snow. She wrote right after the recent snowfall that you are mentioning here.

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  2. Terri,
    Growing up in the south, we did not need snowshoes, but it looks like great exercise. I was curious about GOLO, but went Nutrisystem instead…started today. Wish me luck, I need to drop 30 lbs. More snow tomorrow? Wow!

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    1. Snowshoeing is great exercise, Joe. My problem is my eyes water so much in the cold air! I did well with nutrisystem last fall and some other years. Some of the food is gag-worthy and the program is expensive. Golo is a natural appetite suppressant that helps me. I’m just not any formal foor regimen now.

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  3. I love that sassy picture of you. I have never been snowshoeing. I take back that snide remark about visiting cold places in the winter that I made in my post about Randy. LOL that looks like fun and could work off a few calories. BTW I think I need GOLO. I walked over 11,000 steps several times this last week, and nothing changes at least in the negative direction. It might be the hot chocolate, but …

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    1. Good for you getting so many steps, Marsha! I struggle because I end up working out inside which doesn’t register as many steps. I have been using GOLO for lunch and dinner to curb my appetite. It is a pretty effective appetite suppressant. Hot cocoa, ice cream, fresh baked bread–tis the season! I’m going back to WW in January–I’ll be the mother of the bride in April!

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      1. So does it work or can you tell? I have been eating sweets. I have gotten in lots of steps, but you still beat me every week. My Fitbit still doesn’t sync automatically.

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