I suppose I’m a little addicted to blogging since I thought I would share a quickie post today for Wordless Wednesday before I come back with my weekly Sunday Stills feature on April 17th.

Here in Eastern Washington, I’m walking amongst early spring’s wildflowers.

Purple Autumn Crocus
Wild Autumn Crocus
Field of wild crocus
Autumn Crocus pop up under the pines

Mountain daffies grow wild on the mountainsides.

Mountain Daffodil
Mountain Daffodil

Sunday Stills will be back on Easter Sunday, April 17th with a color challenge featuring no color. Huh? Unless you consider diamond and/or quartz a color…definitely a challenge!

Here are two more early spring wildflowers covered in recent water droplets to fuel your imagination for the “diamond and quartz” color challenge.

Diamond droplets on Myrtle Spurge
Diamond droplets on Myrtle Spurge
Carpet Phlox
Carpet Phlox

Sharing for Cee’s FOTD and Dawn’s Spring Festival.

See you Sunday!

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34 thoughts on “Slightly Wordless Wednesday’s Wildflowers

  1. Wow! Those flowers are gorgeous! Thanks for the reminder – and tip – on your coming diamond and quartz challenge. I don’t have a lot of either of those lying around, so finding the color other ways is probably the way I’ll go! 🙂 And it’s good to have you back!

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  2. Lovely daffodils, Terri! I had some this year. My daughter bought five bags of tulips and two bags of daffodils from Costco. I was busy helping her plant during the last trip seeing her. She gave me some bulbs. I planted the tulips and saved the daffodils for next year. Which part of Washington are you? I forgot. It would be interesting to see your Sunday Still with no color.

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    1. Hi Miriam! We’re in Nine Mile Falls a little north of Spokane. I would love to do some planting like you describe. Just enjoying the wildflowers for now. The “clear” photo challenge (think diamond and quartz) should be fun! Where are you located?


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