Variety of textures in the delta

A late spring storm paints beautiful textures in the sky, the water and the land.

“A subtle amount of texture attracts the eye.” Clyde Aspevig

As the weekly photo challenge suggests, Textures in photography feed our tactile perceptions.

Clouds and waves combined with a sunset provide lovely textures in nature

A delta sunset captures textures in the sky and water.

medical splint shows textures

The textures of this splint on my wrist and hand right now are hiding the textures of a huge bruise and fractured metacarpal on my right hand. I tripped and fell while walking my dogs, Brodie and Aero.

No more windsurfing or stand-up paddling for the rest of the season.  Maybe now I can get some writing done–I can still use my fingers to type.

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42 thoughts on “Photographing the Textures of Our Lives

  1. Sorry to hear about the fall, Terri. It sounds very painful. I hope you’ll still be able to type.

    Wonderful photos, especially capturing the sunset. That’s the kind of view I’d like to see as I say my final goodbye.

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  2. Really wonderful photos, Terri. The first one evokes a fallen beast. I see the poor thing lying on its side under the roiling clouds. The second is a bounty of glory. And the third – I’m aching for you and hope you heal quickly. I’m still healing from a fall nearly a year ago that dislocated my elbow, broke every bone in my elbow, and tore two ligaments and the nerve. Healing well, but boy is it ever a long process! Sorry your injury cut into your activities. Get well soon.

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    1. Thank you, Sharon! I just love that imagination of yours! I’m so happy my injury is mild. I can’t imagine what you went through 😦 At least I can still get a decent workout on the gym cardio equipment, with modifications, and walk one dog at a time!

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  3. Up close like that, your splint looks like a stylish belt or piece of jewelry. Your photo of texture for the summer photo challenge was one of my favorites. Those colors in the sky! The silhouetted wind mills. Gorgeous.

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  4. I thought your splint was some new age fashion statement, Terri, and I wish it was instead of stabilizing your wrist fracture. Did the dogs do some first aid at the scene? I’m sure you would have totally done that for them. Your photos are lovely, as usual, my friend.

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