How to Successfully Re-Blog a Post

Reblogging a fellow blogger’s post is one of the most flattering forms of sharing! Keep in mind that all of their post’s images will be added to your media files. Something else to keep in mind is to double check the post’s images to be sure you feel comfortable associating them with your blog site. The same copyright rules apply!

Once you re-blog, quickly head to your admin page and update the post by adding appropriate categories and tags and set the featured image.

If you are unsure, rather than re-blogging, you can always use the “Press This” button on the post, found at the bottom of the sharing option. You might think about installing the “Press This” button into your browser’s toolbar. WordPress has simple instructions for doing this! Using Press This also works for any website you want to share, and for any self-hosted blogger that does not have a re-blog button. When using the Press This option, you will have to create your own image (like I did).

In any case, sharing IS caring!

Read more on what Hugh has to say about it!

Have you ever had one of your blog posts reblogged by another blogger? Here’s what you should do (or should be doing) when a reblog happens.

Source: What To Do When One Of Your Blog Posts Is Reblogged #bloggingtips – Hugh’s Views & News

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27 thoughts on “What To Do When One Of Your Blog Posts Is Reblogged #bloggingtips – Hugh’s Views & News

  1. I don’t really understand this. I share blogs on social media, but not ever to my blog. So if I reblog, it goes on my blog? If so, I would hope people get permission to reblog first!

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    1. It’s a strange component of WordPress dot com. They encourage sharing post through the reblog feature. So yes, it shows on your blog, which helps bring readers to your own site, via sharing someones else’s info and redirecting to theirs. Pretty genius, actually. Reblogging is considered the pinnacle of sharing–no permission needed since your post gets the credit and the pingback.


  2. Reblogging is something I learned about last year. I knew about the PressThis button from the dashboard but never saw a reason to use it. It was when I read a post on how to reblog from a self-hosted site that I finally understood the value of it.
    It’s similar to curating content. You make a featured image, you give your thoughts about the post, give credit to the source, and then hit publish.
    This is a perfect example of a great reblog or curated post. ^_^

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  3. There’s so much to blogging that I still don’t understand – every time I get my head around it, another “thing” pops up to show me how little I really know – I’ve never reblogged anything – just put links to them in my post. I’m probably missing out on something here and I’m on Blogger so I don’t even have the magic button 😦

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