Eyes Confess Secrets of the Heart

“The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.” St. Jerome

The Weekly Photo Challenge focuses on eyes this week.

Our animal and insect friends convey so many “words” and emotions with their eyes.

My Cocker-terrier mix, Aero, reacts with a wide-eyed knowing look when I utter his favorite four-letter word…”walk!”

Aero's eyes show understanding of the word "walk."

I wonder what this praying mantis thinks of my photography antics as he perches on my windsurf board? He really is checking me out! (I captured this with my Samsung android phone).

Praying mantis eyes me as he hangs out on my windsurf board.

And just for fun, my friend organized this photo and there is an eye!

Rocks Carefully Stacked

image by SHClark. used with permission. edited by me for publication

Eye Spy

20 thoughts on “Eyes Confess Secrets of the Heart

  1. Oh my goodness – I love your Aero’s wide-eyed look. Dogs have the most innocent eyes in the world (next to babies). The Praying Mantis? Just wow – we don’t have them here – well at least I have never seen one! He looks huge and super intelligent. Great pics!

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  2. Love your pup! Such warm eyes and if I had to pick and insect that I actually liked it would be either a praying mantis or a lady bug so I can appreciate that photo as well! If you had photographed a close up of a spider I might have had to skip this post!!!

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  5. Great entry for the challenge. what is not too love about Aero! I could never say no to those eyes. I think that the mantis is praying for a bit of wind surfing action on your board although my guess is he did not manage to hang on. And that third shot is just wild.

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