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While visiting near Portland, Oregon this week, I made a point to power walk through the urban trails found in the suburbs pf Portland. My cousins live in Tigard and these trails are wonderful to walk through.

The City of Tigard is working on a strategic plan to make “Tigard the most walkable city in the Pacific North West.” My cousin is in the process of presenting to the local City council his ideas for the expansion of the greenway into other areas.

Walk-able communities and urban trails are vital for the health and well-being of the citizens that live in these areas. I am always so happy to take a brisk morning or evening walk on the trails when I come to visit.

This photo is submitted for Ed’s Sunday Stills: The letter T. “T” is for Tigard and trail!

Do you have walk-able trails in your urban communities?

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32 Comments on “Urban Trails

  1. Sounds like fun. My husband and I are planning to visit Portland in the future, so we’ll have to check this out when we do. Thanks for sharing! #MidLifeLuv

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  2. I’m a New Yorker. So I’ve been a walker all my life. Long before women carried sneakers with them. Now I live in the South and it’s much harder. My street’s not paved and by this time of the year there are sinkholes.
    But walking always kept me sane and in shape so…

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  3. I love walking, I manage to do it most days. Sometimes I don’t feel like it but after I have walked, I feel good and am glad that I made the effort. It certainly does help if the surrounds are beautiful. Sorry about your knee Terri and all the best teaching.
    Fridays Blog Booster Party #22

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  4. Hi Terri,
    How do you have time to blog and excercise? I’m jealous. I have a treadmill and don’t have time. Are you teaching again this semester? I am here with you at Elena’s #midlifeluv linky party. Nice to see you. Coincidence

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  5. I wish I could go for further walks already. I miss those. There are many nice places over here and it feels great to find those alternative routes in the middle of a city.
    Thanks a lot for sharing these great tips on #TipTuesday!

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  6. I’m an American living in the UK, and one of the things that impressed–and still impresses–me is the existence of walking paths. They cross fields, public land, private land, streams–basically, they’re everywhere. They’re as much a public right of way as a road is, and you interfere with them at your own risk. Where I live, in Cornwall, the Coast Path encircles the entire county, following the edge of the sea. It’s breathtaking.

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  7. I had the gift of living in Oregon for several years along the coast. I just loved how progressive a place it was a far as embracing and considering the importance of people being able to interact with their environment. The small village I lived in had insuring it’s walk-ability as a priority.

    As a big time walk about person, enjoyed this post immensely.

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  8. My little sector of Indiana isn’t “big” city but it’s not small town America either. Plenty of sidewalks to navigate but no official “trail” unless you go down by the Ohio River to walk.

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  9. I live in a city where I could literally walk on a paved path to any corner of it. There is a real push here to build walkable communities too. I can easily walk to the local small suburban mall including a supermarket, bank, post office, hairdressers, doctors, vets and a few other smaller shopping areas. Cafes, restaurants and even a bottle store. Schools and parks are everywhere. I always find it weird in parts of the US where you don’t have any paths to get from A to B.

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  10. I would like a walkable community. It is one of the things we are looking for in retirement (less than a year and a half). At minimum a community where I don’t have to drive all of the time. A small city would be good. We will visit one labor day weekend. Where I live now, I have a very small route I can walk, and walking to a store or restaurant is taking my life into my hands.

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  11. I would really like to start walking. My health doesn’t permit it at the moment. I’m not sure what’s around my local community – something I plan on rectifying when I’m able. 🙂

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  12. There are plenty of trails in Charlotte, and I used to walk them much more in the past. Now that the weather is about to cool off, it’s a good time to find them again.

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  13. I’ve spent most of my life not being a huge fan of walking … but the biggest reason is because where I live is not walkable. We don’t build communities anymore. We build vast patches of houses that push people further away from the places they might walk to. It’s one of my goals for when I retire — to relocate to a walkable town.

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