Taking a Christmas Blogging Break

Let’s All Take a Blogging Break!

What would happen if all bloggers just took a blogging break for one day, or one week, all at once? Would google explode? WordPress or Blogger might. Just wondering… I admire the bloggers who share something EVERY DAY. We all know it takes a lot of time and effort to publish a post. My hat's …

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May the road rise up to meet you; Irish Blessing

Hidden Celtic Names for St. Patrick’s Day

Nearly everyone in the U.S. and beyond loves to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I can tell you that the day is not just about green beer, corned beef and shamrocks, although these symbols are gleefully recognized in the celebration of Irish culture. For my St. Patrick’s Day post I thought I would introduce my Celtic ancestry. …

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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing, hard-working, long-suffering dads, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, nephews, and single moms, too! May your day be filled with fun, relaxation and the leisure activity of YOUR choice! Today, we will not be having coffee at our usual "weekend coffee share" because I am spending the day with my dad! …

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Mysterious night

Photography 101: Mysterious Twilight Stroll

Have you ever been for an evening walk as twilight settles in for the night? With two days before Thanksgiving (late November), there seems to be an air of mystery as twilight is poised in anticipation of families getting together. I love the random, little Christmas tree and how the streetlight splashes a pool of light onto the street. …

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Photography 101: Warmth of a Kitchen

For this photography 101 assignment, we were to use light to invoke warmth into the shot. What better place to find warmth than in the lovely kitchen of my sister-in-law. This was taken a day before Thanksgiving in Eastern Washington state. Here the winter sun is struggling to shine in through the window and manages …

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Perspectives On…November

Halloween is over and folks are putting away the goblins and jack o'lanterns. As much as I love October, I REALLY love November. November here in Northern California brings in colder days and nights (how I have missed my sweaters and boots!) and the rain we desperately need. The snow falling in the nearby Sierra …

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Sharing Traditions at Holiday Gatherings: Grandkids, Grandparents, and Everyone in Between

As families gather, embrace the opportunity to interact with older Boomers and Traditionalists–grandparents.

Live Healthy Live Well

At no other time of the year do most American families gather together for food, family, fellowship, and fun than at the holiday season.  We take off work to travel across the country or across town to gather for memorable moments and to eat delicious food, renew relationships, and watch endless amounts of football.  If you’re lucky, you’ll even be able to listen to grandma or grandpa share stories from the past.  Stories about “How things used to be…” back in their day.

Sometimes, not everyone can make it home though.  You may have a loved-one serving in the Armed Forces or you may have an aging parent or grandparent who can no longer make the trip.  And what about friends or family members in care homes?  Unfortunately, the holiday season can also be a time of loneliness for those who aren’t able to participate in family gatherings.  Reach out…

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