The weekly photo challenge offers a seemingly common theme Liquid. What we as photographers do with it remains to be seen.

My favorite leisure spaces are all about water, but today I wanted to give you a new way of looking at this most important element of life.

While on a blogging break I posted this photo on Instagram of a tiny droplet of water hanging from a rosebush.

House in a droplet

What do you see inside the droplet?

In this next image, taken from an open window in the Ponds Hilo restaurant (famous for their koi ponds), I saw the koi swimming just below us. I’m sure they were waiting for random food crumbs to fall, as they slowly circled around.

Fish appear to be floating in air

Illuminated from above and below, they appear to be floating in an ethereal liquid rather than ordinary pond water. Hard to tell where the air ends and the water begins.

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36 thoughts on “The Nature of #Liquid

  1. What do I see in that drop? Now that would be telling, Terri, but you can guess that it’s probably going to be something dark that comes with a twist. 😈However, it’s a stunning piece of photography.

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  2. It IS fun to study the water drop. Nice capture. the fish? It dow look like the two on top are floating in air. This was a fun theme to think about. Have a nice weekend Terri.

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  3. Wow! That image on the droplet of water that you photographed is truly amazing, Terri. You are an outstanding photographer!

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