Rainbow Rocks

My creative and talented best friend painted each of these rocks and cement cylinders and displayed them in her front yard in Southern California. Neighbors and people from all over would stop and admire her artwork. This is a close-up to demonstrate the artwork involved so it does not show the magnitude and how many there are.


Here is another shot of a section of her yard. She had to move and took each and every one with her.

This was submitted for the Weekly Photo Challenge.


23 thoughts on “Cylindrical Rainbows

  1. Terri, your friend is a genius artist! How creative and cute are these!? I admire her taking them all with her upon moving…I would’ve done the same thing! Thank you for sharing these colorful creations with us 🙂

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    1. Janis, she lived in Chula Vista when she did this. I don’t think she has them up now. Each of those cylinders weighs 5 pounds! She painted a special one for me that I keep on my fireplace mantle.


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