A Twisty Juxtaposition for Writing 101

This is my official last report and the last time I have to sit on this stinkin' stoop watching for action at Mrs. Pauley’s place. I can’t believe this finally happened…it’s about bloody time. They finally caught up with that evil witch thanks to me. I told my boss where she put the Mister's heart. …

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Writing 101: Fear of Fear

What do I fear?  Writing 101 prompts us to write in a style different from our own. Things I fear from retiring at age 55: I fear I will lose…friends, family, funds. I fear I will become…fat, frumpy, feebleminded and foolish. I fear failure and fries… yes, fries! BUT, With a leap of faith, And …

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The Cost of Free Writing

Like the image and quote suggest, writing can be like bleeding. I am constantly in awe of writers who can whip out a flash fiction for a writing prompt like my blogging buddy and friend, PJ from Beautiful Words. Or another fellow blogger who writes amazing stories in the Fantasy and Sci-fi genre, Phoenix Grey. …

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My Oreo Lives Forever: The Journey

This post marks my final installment of the life of my dog, Oreo and wraps up the three-part Writing 101 assignment, Serially Lost. To catch up, please read the prequel about Oreo and the story of I Lost My Oreo. Oreo’s life went on as it does for any dog. Oreo spent long days in the …

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Dear Dock: What if You Never Existed?

I have written about the Sacramento State University’s Aquatic Center before. Here is a new twist on the writing 101 prompt. I am combining Day 14 and 15. Dear Dock, The Sacramento community is surrounded by lakes and two major rivers. It gets very hot here in the summertime, some days reaching up to 110 …

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Borrowing Freedom

“In riding a horse, we borrow freedom” ― Helen Thompson The Writing 101 prompt asked us to write about where we lived at age 12. In 1972, I was 12 years old. I was raised mostly in the East County area of San Diego except for two years when we moved to the Portland, Oregon …

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I Found My Oreo: The Early Years

The back-story of our beloved dog Oreo begins here. In a previous post, I wrote about how we lost our Oreo. Two years after my divorce, my youngest daughter still longed for the dogs we had when her dad was still here. Being a newly-single mother of two young daughters, with no monetary help whatsoever, …

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