Three Ways I Right-sized in Retirement

Three Ways I Rightsized in Semi-Retirement

We read a lot about downsizing these days as Baby Boomers are actively pursuing new ways of life as they consider retirement. "Rightsizing" is a process that implies a less than cutthroat approach to restructuring than downsizing. I have been following Kathy's blog and recently had the opportunity to write this guest post while she was enjoying some travel. Kathy and I …

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Fitness Graphic

Keeping Track of Your Fitness Progress

Now that you have committed to improving your fitness, what is keeping you motivated? Many companies and organizations are invested in the health and wellness of their employees. It is a fact that healthy employees who engage in fitness and other wellness activities perform better in the workplace. The Institute for Healthcare Consumerism states: “For …

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Perspectives On…Weight Loss After 50

I have lost SEVEN pounds! Most Americans struggle with their weight--as in too much of it. I have been one of those women who always needed to lose 10-15 pounds. In my younger days, I could eat nothing for two days and lose 5 pounds. Long gone are those days, as if I only had …

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