Sailing Practice: Getting the Point

For Ed's Sunday Stills, this week's challenge is "Pointy Things." We captured this photo on one of our 20-mile bicycle rides out to the Sacramento State Aquatic Center. I love this place! College students can take classes and get pointers on sailing, windsurfing, stand-up paddling, wake boarding, canoeing and kayaking. The elements of water safety …

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College Notebooks

Education Page

While blogging, I have happily met several bloggers who are educators, whether they are elementary school teachers, middle school or high school teachers, university professors, or part-time lecturers like myself. We all have something in common: passion for teaching, mentoring and educating young people and adults. I created an education page for my blog. Please …

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Mentoring for Success

As a university educator, I have the honor and privilege of shaping the minds of young adults. My retirement from public service required that I take one semester off from teaching. I realize how much I miss being on campus with adults seeking education for their future careers. My daughter is in her final semester …

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