Is a Life-Jacket in Your Beach Bag?

Is a Life Jacket in Your Beach Bag?

Part Two of my series for "May is National Water Safety Month" covers information on life jackets. Any activity in and around water has potential for risk. As a former swim lesson instructor, I constantly taught children (and adults!) about water safety. I am always incredulous as to why parents send their young child out …

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Symbols of Leisure

Symbol Human beings love their symbols. Creating symbols is how we deal with the abstract concepts that can't always be explained in simple terms or words. Leisure is one of those theoretical concepts that defy only one definition. For the weekly photo challenge, here are two symbols of leisure. This first one of me shown …

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SUP Sounds

SUP Sounds

While out on my stand-up paddleboard (aka SUP) last weekend, I was struck how the sounds and sensations could be characterized into words. These words are called onomatopoeias. We writers know what these are, but if you need a hint of a reminder, here is the definition: on·o·mat·o·poe·ia änəˌmadəˈpēə, noun the formation of a word …

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Reflections of a Solar Eclipse

For Jennifer Nichole Wells' One Word Photo Challenge, I am submitting these photos for the theme of "Sun." In 2012, there was a solar eclipse visible in Northern California. The conditions were right for us to watch this rare cosmic event through the filter of the trees in our front yard. A few moments later …

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Dear Dock: What if You Never Existed?

I have written about the Sacramento State University’s Aquatic Center before. Here is a new twist on the writing 101 prompt. I am combining Day 14 and 15. Dear Dock, The Sacramento community is surrounded by lakes and two major rivers. It gets very hot here in the summertime, some days reaching up to 110 …

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Weekend Coffee Share: Let the Sailing Begin

Today seems like a great day to have a coffee chat. How would you like your coffee today? I’ll take an iced mocha—it’s been rather warm here in Northern California. We did get some snow in the Sierras two hours away, but the Sacramento Valley hit 88 degrees today. If we were having coffee I …

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To Sail or to SUP, That is the Question

Two young men sat on a wooden bench gazing at the water. Windsurfers, they were waiting anxiously for the wind to start blowing. Their scraggly, bleach-blonde hair hung limply under their ball caps. “Hey dude,” said Jerry, “Think it’s gonna blow today?” “Not sure, man,” replied Jacob. “There’s not even a wind shadow.” “Bummer,” said …

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