Kitchen Items

Black and White Copper Kitchen

This week's challenge from Cee's Black and White Challenge is to photograph things found in a kitchen. My kitchen is small with very little counter space. I have several copper pieces interspersed around the kitchen, so I highlighted just the copper canister in this shot.  The following picture shows the reflection of the refrigerator from …

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Dish Soap Seedling

Apparently I need to wash the dishes more often, or at least that what this tiny plant sprouting on my dish wand implies. My dishwasher died years ago so I do the dishes by hand. I don't mind. Losing the dishwasher in my small kitchen gave me much needed pantry and storage space. Welcome to …

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Photography 101: Warmth of a Kitchen

For this photography 101 assignment, we were to use light to invoke warmth into the shot. What better place to find warmth than in the lovely kitchen of my sister-in-law. This was taken a day before Thanksgiving in Eastern Washington state. Here the winter sun is struggling to shine in through the window and manages …

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