Rocks Carefully Stacked

Tender Loving Care

Careful is the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge. Most endeavors in life require a little tender loving care. Of course, from my perspective, leisure is the catalyst for careful. Whether you carefully stack rocks for Halloween decor... taking extra care in pouring that wonderful Chilean wine...oops, there's a drip! ... or, to stepping and …

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The Long Leisure Link for Halloween

Week 11 of The Leisure Link was another record breaking week with 26 links. To those of you who share your posts on link-ups with hundreds of other links, this one may feel like “small potatoes,” to coin an odd phrase. Many thanks to my loyal Leisure Linkers for sharing your fab posts! The winner …

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Coloma School

The Haunting of Old Coloma School House

“We can still hear the sounds of children playing in the auditorium at certain quiet times during the day,” says one city worker. Another person swears she has heard ghostly footsteps of children running up and down the stairs as if they were on their way to their classrooms. Sixty-two years after gold was discovered …

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