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2017 Annual Bloggers Bash Awards VOTING OPEN @bloggersbash #BloggersBash – SACHA BLACK

We bloggers work hard every day to publish relevant posts, entertain others and share information! For "Reblog Tuesday" I am sharing Sacha Black's post about The Bloggers Bash! Please visit her blog and cast your vote for your favorite blogger. I'm sure there is someone you know and follow that has been nominated. Please support …

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New Titan Warrior bow tie line made for event

Bow-Ties for Warriors

And by warriors, I mean people who give back to their communities. Have you heard of Leonard Simpson, the Fashion Forward® founder and popular, San Diego media personality? His signature fundraising event, 10 Best Dressed Awards, recently commenced its 9th gala on Thursday, November 17, honoring 15 women and 12 men within the San Diego …

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The Men’s Really Hard Hat Awards

I don’t re-blog often, but this one is worth it. To all my awesome male counterparts in the blogging world, this award is for you.

Hugh's Views & News  

Not another awards post from me?  I’m an ‘award free’ blog. Don’t you see that ‘award free’ widget over on your widget bar, Hugh? Yes, I do, but this is a call to arms post to all the men out there.

Have you noticed the new ‘Girl Love’ blog award doing the rounds at the moment?  It’s a lovely award, but unfortunately us guys are not allowed to be nominated for it. ‘Time for action’ I thought and I’ve created an award which can only be awarded to men that blog.

‘The Men’s Really Hard Hat Award’ is my way of honouring some of the male bloggers who I follow. I’m giving them this brand new award as a thank you and in recognition of all the support they’ve given me. Not only that, but ‘The Men’s Really Hard Hat Award’ is also given to the men who have the most…

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200 posts

WordPress Milestone

This morning's post marked my 200th post on WordPress! The badge popped up and so did my eyebrows! Even though I started my WP account three years ago, it wasn't until September 2014 that I got serious, then joined Blogging University 101.  From there I followed lots of blogs, liked a LOT of posts and …

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. My humble thanks to Veena who writes Think. Do. Write. for this award. Between the holiday hullabaloo and my retirement stuff, I've been off the blogging grid a little. My blogging journey has been inspirational in many aspects; from honing my writing skills, to following others' blogs …

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Perspectives On…Likes and Follows

At the end of November I hit 200 followers on my blog! To some of you 200 is a drop in the bucket for your amazing blogs, but for me, it is a major milestone. I still can't fathom the idea that I had 6 followers on my blog as of September. That's what participating …

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One Lovely Blogger Award

Thank you to my fellow blogger Faithful Homesteader for nominating me. I am blessed to be among such an impressive group of “new” bloggers and I love reading all these wonderful blogs! Thank you for creating a wonderful community and following my blog! There are some guidelines for accepting the award. Thank the person who …

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