The Art of Bow-Ties: A Gallery Re-Brands

Carey Reddick II, CEO of Above-Time, Inc., makes friends easily. This attribute is a very good thing when one is launching a new and emerging retail business. Enter Alexander Salazar, art gallery owner, who is having a busy day. While Reddick sets up a store front display of bow-ties, Salazar is multi-tasking. As I interviewed …

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Above-Time model shows off newest bow-tie

Paddling for Bow-Ties: How Community Shapes the Above-Time Brand

How does community shape a business brand? As a close family friend of CEO Carey Reddick, I have watched Above Time evolve and grow into the amazing brand that it is. Last August (2015), Reddick officially launched Above Time, Inc., his upscale bow-tie and fashion accessories line, which appeals to people who wish to live …

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above time children's bow ties

Baby Bow-Ties: Above Time Launches Children’s Line

Last year I began blogging about a San Diego-based company called Above Time. Founder Carey Reddick II wanted to rock bow-ties that were both fashionable and hand-made of organic, luxe and vintage materials. “Above Time is about living in the moment and not letting time get the best of you. The company was founded in …

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Puddy Bow Ties

The Business of Bow-Ties

When Owner & Chief Designer Carey Reddick II crafted his well-organized business plan and strategic vision, he was as surprised as anyone when he was invited to meet with Disney executives to discuss future opportunities for his line of bow-ties. His meeting with Disney resulted in an interest for using the line of bow-ties for …

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Bowties Against Bullies

Above-Time premiered its new line of fashion accessories on August 15th in San Diego. The buzz in the air was palpable at the premier. Friends, family, media and fashion lovers gathered for this historic event for the official brand launch of Above-Time. The models, representing diverse cultures, rocked the runway showcasing the bow-tie collection. The …

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Above-Time Image1

A Well-Garnished Life

Are you living a well-garnished life? This idea has several meanings, the first and obvious definition is “adornment or decoration.” Another meaning is that, we, as individuals, want to live our lives to the fullest, and with pizazz. For many, fashion accessories create that feeling of pizazz. And nothing says well-garnished like carefully-chosen accessories, tailored …

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