Workplace Comparisons Part 3: Preferences for Receiving Information

Communication at work should be designed based on the way employees like to receive information. The idea that Baby Boomers continue to adapt their own communication styles in their workplaces may stem from their preferences for receiving daily world and local news through a variety of media sources such as television and radio, as well …

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Hectic Holidays for a Gen X Dad

Great insights from a Gen-X Dad, a lesson Boomers could learn!



 Vintage mechanical monkey toy with santa hat and beardThings get a little manic this time of year—whether you’re in the office, at home, or trying to get from one place to another in a full-blown snowstorm. Although Gen X has been labeled as the generation to preach balance, I find dutiful Gen Xer parents like myself are stretching ourselves extremely thin during the busy holiday season.

I have two children, age 7 and 10.  As the year comes to an end, this means holiday-themed programs where singing and other artistic talents are showcased. This year, I decide that if everything is timed correctly, and Minneapolis doesn’t decide to thwart my plans with a big dumping of snow, I can hit up both kids shows in one day – swing by one school in the morning and hit the other one up in the afternoon. And to cap off the work portion of work-life balance, I can…

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Generations’ Work Rewards

In a LinkedIn discussion, a question was posed, "What rewards drive each generation, and are they different?" In my workplace, I try to match intrinsic and extrinsic rewards based on the person, which generally coincides with their generational characteristics and preferences. For instance, an older volunteer (Traditionalist) might be rewarded with a simple "Atta-boy" for …

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Gold Standard

Last in this introductory series, but certainly not least, is the Gold personality type. Who invented the gold standard? Probably a structured, detail-oriented Gold! If it wasn't invented by a Gold, you can be sure that Golds followed its rules and standards to the letter. Golds tend to value processes more than people, but end …

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