Photography 101: A 420 Moment, Sort of

While travelling to Spokane, Washington a few years ago for Thanksgiving, I noticed my Toyota Rav4's odometer hit an interesting milestone, reaching 111,111 miles. In another mile I would have missed this once-in-a-lifetime moment. A day or two later, when I showed my husband this photo, he exclaimed about the 42.0 miles, "Oh look, 420! …

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Mysterious night

Photography 101: Mysterious Twilight Stroll

Have you ever been for an evening walk as twilight settles in for the night? With two days before Thanksgiving (late November), there seems to be an air of mystery as twilight is poised in anticipation of families getting together. I love the random, little Christmas tree and how the streetlight splashes a pool of light onto the street. …

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