Coffee and the Art of Blogging

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you what a busy week this was for me. How do you like your coffee? I’m going with iced today, since we are still dealing with 90 degree days. Blogging 201 and Milestones If we were having coffee I would tell you that I just finished …

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On Time and Spending it Well

How we spend our precious time cannot be more well said than what Karen has written in this post. She sums up the choices we make for our leisure time. Worth your time to read. This post is a great example of one that I encourage to be shared on my link-up at The Leisure Link.

Fill Your Own Glass

Ask a random sampling of people how their time is best spent, and chances are you will hear different responses.  One will tell you that it is the hour just before bedtime spent snuggling and reading with his children.  Another might say it is the days spent putting together the presentation guaranteed to land a big new client for her company.  Still another will vow that the stolen moments of solitude in the middle of a hectic week are the ones that matter most.  The wonderful thing is that each of these answers is the right one.

During the career driven years of my late twenties and early thirties I misled myself into believing that the countless evenings and weekends spent working were fulfilling.  I realized down the road that those extra hours at the office, far from enriching my life, were the very ones that were sucking the life…

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Linking Leisure with Coffee

What is it about leisure activities that require food and beverages as catalysts? Have you ever attended an event where there was no food or drinks available (for free or fee)? And did you feel deprived if there wasn’t something offered? Think about this while we have our coffee today. If we were having coffee, …

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The Leisure Link: How to Promote Your Blog Using Link-Ups

Today marks my first Link-Up for The Leisure Link! Let me explain this concept before I introduce my newest link-up party at the end of this post. Some of you may wonder what a link-up is. Link-Ups or Linky Parties are tools for promoting your blog posts. There are countless link-ups being offered on a weekly …

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