The Long Leisure Link for Halloween

Week 11 of The Leisure Link was another record breaking week with 26 links. To those of you who share your posts on link-ups with hundreds of other links, this one may feel like “small potatoes,” to coin an odd phrase. Many thanks to my loyal Leisure Linkers for sharing your fab posts! The winner …

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The Leisure Link Week 9 Round-Up

After a nearly two-month break, The Leisure Link is back and brought together a new group of bloggers, and reunited other Leisure Linkers. This week’s link-up had 18 links and over 120 views. We had one clear winner….drum roll, please. The winner with the most clicks was LaNae Lein’s post “And Then I Fell in Love” …

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Time Out

The “tyranny of time.” That was the subject of last week’s lecture in my university classroom. I teach a general education class called “Leisure Lifestyle Development.” To introduce The Leisure Link link-up, I would like to start by discussing time as it relates to leisure. “Time is not only a container for leisure, but also what …

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The Leisure Link is Back October 1st

After a two-month hiatus, my link party, The Leisure Link re-opens on October 1st. I am so excited to host this link-up and I hope that you will join me and other bloggers who value leisure, recreation, the outdoors, hobbies and all things fun! "Leisure" is difficult to define, in fact, definitions differ among nearly …

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Coffee and the Art of Blogging

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you what a busy week this was for me. How do you like your coffee? I’m going with iced today, since we are still dealing with 90 degree days. Blogging 201 and Milestones If we were having coffee I would tell you that I just finished …

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The Leisure Link Final Round-Up

The last Leisure Link of the summer ended on August 1st. There were 25 links and over 100 views! All links were shared on my Pinterest Leisure Link Pin Board. Each week I feature the top two links. Because the Leisure Link is taking an August break into September, I am featuring ALL of the …

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The Long Leisure Link #7

The Leisure Link #6 had a nice variety of link-ups! Again, there was a tie for the most clicked! Here are the two featured posts. Please drop by their blogs and see what all the hub-bub is about! Jodie's Touch of Style shared her post "White for the Lower Half, Part 2" showcasing ways women …

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Summer Fun at The Leisure Link #6

The Leisure Link #5 was a success after taking a short break for the holiday weekend! There were some new bloggers who linked up and I am happy to see my faithful bloggers linking each week. This week’s link-up had 20 links and over 100 hits. We had one clear winner and one close runner-up. …

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The New and Improved Leisure Link

With the Independence holiday behind me, I can go back to the care and feeding of The Leisure Link! I hope that you will consider joining the link-up if you haven't yet, or just come and re-join the party! During the summer, there are a lot more opportunities for leisure, whether it is playing golf, attending …

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The Leisure Link Takes a Holiday

For those of you following The Leisure Link (my weekly link party), with the Independence Day holiday weekend coming up, I will resume the link up next Thursday, July 9. Yes, this is a new day for the link-up. My summer weekends have become more leisurely with windsurfing and camping. This is a very good …

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How Do You Do?

To kick off week four of The Leisure Link, I want you to try a little experiment. To preface this, when introducing yourself to someone new, what do you say? Traditionally, we say something like, “Hello, my name is Terri and I am a lecturer at a university.” What do you notice here? When we …

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It’s Here: The Leisure Link Week 3

If you haven’t heard lately, I started a link-up called The Leisure Link. A link-up is an active social blogging event that brings bloggers together. You might see them described as a “linky”, a blog party, a grid or a blog hop. Link-ups are very efficient ways to connect with other readers. Here is a …

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On Time and Spending it Well

How we spend our precious time cannot be more well said than what Karen has written in this post. She sums up the choices we make for our leisure time. Worth your time to read. This post is a great example of one that I encourage to be shared on my link-up at The Leisure Link.

Fill Your Own Glass

Ask a random sampling of people how their time is best spent, and chances are you will hear different responses.  One will tell you that it is the hour just before bedtime spent snuggling and reading with his children.  Another might say it is the days spent putting together the presentation guaranteed to land a big new client for her company.  Still another will vow that the stolen moments of solitude in the middle of a hectic week are the ones that matter most.  The wonderful thing is that each of these answers is the right one.

During the career driven years of my late twenties and early thirties I misled myself into believing that the countless evenings and weekends spent working were fulfilling.  I realized down the road that those extra hours at the office, far from enriching my life, were the very ones that were sucking the life…

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Linking Leisure with Coffee

What is it about leisure activities that require food and beverages as catalysts? Have you ever attended an event where there was no food or drinks available (for free or fee)? And did you feel deprived if there wasn’t something offered? Think about this while we have our coffee today. If we were having coffee, …

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Life in the Slow Lane: Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee today, I would sit, heave a big sigh and tell you why my week felt slow and weird. How would you like your coffee today? I’m going for the iced mocha again since it is still hot and getting hotter! I think part of the slowness was that I spent …

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