Perspectives On…Procrastination and Preparation

As mere humans, we are easily distracted, even the best of us—the most organized or those with great intentions. But, yes, in the end, we procrastinate. “Not me!” you say? Well, it IS possible that you may have thought twice about writing that latest blog. A fellow blogger posted about how her husband procrastinates, which …

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Arlington Cemetary

Recognizing Your True Colors Temperament During the Grieving Process

  View of Washington Monument from Arlington Cemetery In 2014, our family lost my husband’s oldest brother to a sudden heart attack. Of course there was sadness, loss and regret for not being able to connect with him more often. As I sat in church today, I thought about how we grieve for our loved ones …

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Fall Leaves

True Colors of Star Trek Cast (2013)

I recently watched the newest Star Trek movie and instantly noticed how many of the main characters showed their True Colors with their particular personality types. The leader of this multi-dimensional team is Captain James T. Kirk. His leadership style shows that he is highly innovative, creative and unique. As the Captain in an interstellar …

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Holiday Colors

Need to manage a house full of family and friends representing all four colors during the busy holiday season? Remember these tips to get you started. While cooking and decorating, keep these thoughts in mind! Before Greens put up the lights, they will want to count each light, plug them in and check that they …

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Gold Standard

Last in this introductory series, but certainly not least, is the Gold personality type. Who invented the gold standard? Probably a structured, detail-oriented Gold! If it wasn't invented by a Gold, you can be sure that Golds followed its rules and standards to the letter. Golds tend to value processes more than people, but end …

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