Three Ways I Right-sized in Retirement

Three Ways I Rightsized in Semi-Retirement

We read a lot about downsizing these days as Baby Boomers are actively pursuing new ways of life as they consider retirement. "Rightsizing" is a process that implies a less than cutthroat approach to restructuring than downsizing. I have been following Kathy's blog and recently had the opportunity to write this guest post while she was enjoying some travel. Kathy and I …

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Perspectives On…Understanding the True Colors Temperament During the Holidays

How many of you are in charge of running your home for the holidays? You know, planning, baking, decorating, shopping for food; not to mention buying gifts, then sorting and wrapping them all….the list goes on! If YOU are the one in charge, there is a good reason. Sure, you can whine all you want, …

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Who decides your value?

More professional development for women.

Women Achieving Goals

0094GettyOnly recently have I become aware of how much we (women) undervalue ourselves.  Even if successful, confident and driven I will bet that you still undervalue yourself but that is changing as we grow in our understanding of our value in a new paradigm.

Owning Our Value

As women perhaps how we perceive our value is just fine but in the world of success it is not always working in our favor.  In the past five years there is a growing interest in understanding professional women and women business owners.  We are becoming a force in the economy and leaders with influence.  That is good for everyone but do we own our value.  Are we being measured in comparison to how men see their value?

Differences Between Men and Women

Recent gender equity studies comparing men and women find that men tend to over value themselves, exaggerate their capabilities, over-state…

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Strauss and Howe

How Did this 4-Generation Phenomenon Happen?

The end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries have seen a rare historical event in the workplace where four of the 20th century generations have the opportunity to work together. This phenomenon is a result of societal and health shifts, where people of each generation are living longer, and thus, staying in …

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The 5th generation is merging into the Four Generation culture and workplace.

Who are the Four Generations?

  The four contemporary generations are known as: the “Traditionalist” generation, the “Baby Boomers,” “Generation X,” and the “Millennials.” People of these four generations were born in the 20th century and are currently working and interacting in the 21st century workplace. Although many sources disagree slightly on the years defining each generation, this blog will …

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