Shall we play a game...of Boggle?

“Shall We Play a Game?”

When I first introduced a photo of my Boggle game board as part of a weekly photo challenge, several bloggers asked if I would post another photo again so they could "play" online. So, no, we will not be playing a game of “thermonuclear war” as depicted in the 1983 Sci-Fi movie War Games. But …

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The Fitness Cliff: 5 Fixes to save your workouts

The Dreaded Fitness Cliff: Five Fixes To Save Your Workouts

  February is already here and you have been working diligently the whole month of January to achieve your fitness goals. Perhaps you have been swimming, strength training, taking yoga classes, or just walking or jogging in the fresh air. How are you feeling? Do you feel like you are accomplishing your goals? Or have …

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Face your fears. Windsurfing in Baja, Mexico.

Breaking Barriers of Self-Doubt in Leisure

If you keep up with my blog, you know I share my perspectives on leisure. My Leisurely Thursday feature is my platform for introducing and discussing concepts related to leisure education as well as to illuminate why leisure is a basic need in our lives. Today's focus is on self-inflicted barriers that prevent us from …

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Weightless water

Defying Gravity

Weight(less) I am traveling home after a nice long vacation in Baja Sur, Mexico. For my Leisurely Thursday post, I could not resist including another set of photos for the Weekly Photo Challenge. I took these photos on my last day in La Ventana.  The warm desert air combined with the 72 degree water of the Sea …

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Winter Cycling Safety. Reflective, bright clothing.

Leisurely Thursdays: Winter Cycling Tips

As winter draws near in the Northern Hemisphere, avid cyclists and even recreational bicyclists still enjoy their rides, whether for fitness, fun, or transportation. For my Leisurely Thursday post, I share tips to help you with your fall and winter cycling experience. In temperate climates like California or Florida, where cycling can be enjoyed almost year …

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Chain Linked. How do you link to leisure?

The Link to Leisure

This is the final wrap-up post to celebrate the last Leisure Link. Today I feature all the bloggers who took the time to link-up for the last time! And the winner with the most clicks was… All in a Dad’s Work, with his post “We Hit the Trails.” Eric is a great dad who gives …

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