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Blue Angels Air Show Sacramento
Blue Angels
Blue Angels Ascent
high flight quote

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40 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: High #Flight

  1. Wow – the Blue Angels and that vibrant blue sky! Great shots Terri and you should think of sending them the photos. I’ve never been to see them at an air show, though when I worked downtown they did a trial run one time and we watched from a high-rise building.

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    1. Thanks so much, Linda! There were so many practice runs the week before each show and it was a thrill be out walking my dogs and watch them fly over so low! I used to tell my hubby that they flew so low I could see the whites of the pilots’ eyes, LOL! Good times.

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      1. I liked seeing them practice too Terri – daring and synchronized and was really a treat. You had that vibrant blue sky going for you as well to show off the contrails.

        The Detroit Grand Prix originated in the streets of the downtown Detroit business district in 1982 and the course had all the excitement of Monaco with its twists and turns. The first year was so much fun and we had the Goodyear Blimp hovering nearby and all us office workers swore we could see inside the Blimp and they were waving back at us as we stood gawking out the windows of our high-rise buildings. Then they moved it to Belle Isle in 1992 after businesses protested it was disruptive and loud. Then people protested it ruined the natural habitat of that island, so next year it returns to downtown again. They always had Free Prix Day and people went crazy taking pictures, getting close to the drivers and the pit crew.

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      2. We were – it was fun Terri and we were in an older office building, so were able to open the windows and kind of hang out the windows as well. Back when the Red Wings and Pistons were winning championships, they had parades in the street and we overlooked Hart Plaza where the festivities were and the ticker tape parade and we were able to open the windows and be part of the crowd noise/excitement as well. Now there are drones to cover that excitement, but back then the blimp at the race weekend was big news. They used to tether it at the Grosse Ile Airport about 10 miles from my house, so I could look out the window at night and see it returning home and then leaving in the morning to head downtown. I’d be out running errands on the weekend and there it was traveling overhead. I’ve always been fascinated by the blimp but it doesn’t come in for the Grand Prix anymore. I’ve looked on their website to check it out.

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  2. Gorgeous shots, Terri! The Blue Angels are bad-ass! πŸ™‚ I’ve seen them in action from our anchored boat over the Chesapeake Bay for Annapolis’ Navy Academy graduations over past years. The adrenaline I felt was amazing! BTW, this weekend at Dover AFB in Delaware (hour from me) there is a ‘Thunder Over Dover’ show both days with performances by both the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds. Daughter is trying to get us to come over to go with them, but not sure if we can make it. Fun stuff for sure! 😎

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  3. Your blue is so vibrant up against the clouds. There should be some air shows for Memorial Day. My pastor-husband went to an air show with a couple from our church. They didn’t get back until the evening service was almost over. Was his face red.

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    1. Thanks so much, John! The one fun shot was taken through the telephone wires in our backyard, kind of an extra frame. I used to hear that poem back in the day when television stations signed off for the night. Lovely! I can see why it’s your favorite.

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  4. They are smashing colours in these photos. Terri. The planes look like they are navy blue. It looks brilliant against the blue sky and white clouds.
    Your photo reminds me that we have the Swansea airshow in July. We can often watch most of it from our garden.

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