Happy New Deer!

Join me this Sunday, January 2 (instead of January 9), for Sunday Stills, a week early, as we look back at a strange 2021:

Sunday Stills: 2021 In the #Rear-View Mirror

Share your favorite images and significant events with us as we reflect back on the year. Here is the link to my Sunday Stills page, still a work in progress.

So much for my break! We decided to stay home rather than travel. I might as well get busy on the blog! Staying home gave us the opportunity to experience a winter wonderland around our new neighborhood…

winter mountain view
View from my front porch

…and the unfolding of a new year with a daily deer parade!

Stay safe and warm on the cusp of 2022 and we’ll “see” you this Sunday, January 2.


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62 thoughts on “Happy New Deer! And a Note About Sunday Stills

    1. Oh my gosh, Diana! That sounds a little too rustic for me! Hope you could stay warm. It has been very cold here but today the sun was out for its brief 8 hour visit. Seems our neighbors set up a feeding station that attracted a dozen deer yesterday. We can see their tracks all over the area and our yard as well. Happy New Year my friend!!

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  1. Oh Terri, you caught me on the hop, but I’m sure I can rise to the challenge. We’re enjoying summer (finally some hot weather) so am loving your winter wonderland shots. Happy New Year to you both 🙂

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    1. I debated whether to wait, Debbie, but I started seeing end of year posts popping up and worried next weekend would be too late. And you have all the week to link up. Enjoy your warm New Year and feel free to bottle some warmth and send some to me…I’ll pay the shipping 😉

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  2. Happy New Year, Terri. I’m so jealous of your winter wonderland, especially as we’ve experienced a balmy few days weatherwise with temps in the mid 60f! It’s been short-sleeves and shorts weather. We’ve just had the warmest New Year’s Eve on record.
    I hope you had a great Christmas.
    Best wishes to Hans, you and the dogs for 2022.

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    1. Thanks, Hugh! It’s weird when weather is unseasonably warm in the winter, but a nice reprieve from the cold. We were expecting 0 F degrees but it only got to 6F 🙄 The snow is a fine, dry powder and quite lovely. Cheers to a lovely 22 for you all and I’m so looking forward to reading mote of your posts!

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    1. I think I like snow over rain! It was always cold and grey in Sacramento (too low elevation for snow) halfway from December to the end of January. The thick fog hung over the central valley for weeks. Hated it. I much prefer snow…yesterday the sun was out all day….a photographer’s dream! Look forward to seeing your posts in the new year!

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  3. Happy New Year, Terri. I’m glad you’re enjoying the snow – and the deer. You’ll have to watch out for them when you have a garden in! I’m going to finish up tomorrow’s post before heading out to work.

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    1. I enjoy the snow as little as I can, Graham, LOL! Our house is nice and warm. We bought some deer fencing and take cues from our neighbors’ properties on how they protect their flowers and gardens. I’m looking forward to your post as I finish mine! Happy New Year!

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  4. Happy 2022! Hope you have a great new year. We had the warmest December on record in the Austin area. I think today’s high will be in the low 80’s, but it will plunge down to the high 20’s by morning after a cold front blows in this evening, and probably only up to the 40’s tomorrow. Then later in the week, it will return to upper 70’s.

    My sister-in-law had been visiting her daughter in Walnut Creek for Christmas and couldn’t get back to Truckee because of the huge snowfall they had in the Sierra Nevada near Lake Tahoe. When they finally could return a few days ago, they had a gigantic amount of snow that they had to shovel to get into their house.

    We have white-tailed deer in our yard all the time every day, but I think the most I saw might have been about 18 of them at once. Enjoy your cozy warm new home in your winter wonderland.

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    1. Thank you, Doug and Happy New Year to you! My cousin lives near Centerville and has been sharing on Facebook about the crazy heatwave you all are experiencing. Yes, Nor Cal got hit very hard–my 85 yr old dad lives not far from Truckee and they’ve never seen so much snow at once in 20 years of living there. Where we live, the roads are scraped and sanded daily so travel close to home is doable. Road-trips–not so much! As I reply, I’m listening to one of your curated Spotify playlists! Take care and keep warm (and cool)!

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    1. Happy New Year, Ingrid! We love it here! I sure miss seeing your blog and hope you are thinking about blogging again. I accidentally started replying to your comment thinking you were someone else (computer glitch, LOL!). Hans and I think about you and Al often and I’m glad you are enjoying your new home.


  5. I agree with you about staying home, Terri. The snow looks great but it’s too cold for me. We only got a couple of inches of snow in Portland for a few days, but it was enough to cause hundreds of flights cancelled. I was worried about our flight but it was on time. We couldn’t get a Lyft driver though. I had to wake up my son-in-law to take us to the airport.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

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  6. I’m sorry to read about your cancelled travel plans, Terri. I’m sure you and Hans had good reason for it. Does this mean you won’t see your family this winter, though? In any case – have a fabulous new year! May 2022 bring you both lots of joy, good health, and beautiful experiences. Xxx

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    1. We decided to postpone our road trip to spring to avoid winter driving conditions, Liesbet. Plus the omicron variant is flying around and some San Diego family members tested positive (fully vaxed!). We had some great holiday time with our PNW families and rang in the new year quietly at home. Safe travels to you all and enjoy the beginning of ’22!

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  7. Hoping to join you more regularly this year. Or at the very least, every single month. Lovely deer captures. I passed a beautiful deer that had been hit and killed on our mountain pass between my house and my daughter’s home. Never had seen a deer there before. Wish he had been spared.


    1. Hi Leslie! I would love that!! You;ve been busy and it’s hard to blog when other life matters are pressing. You really take great photos so please in when you can, my friend. I hate the thought of seeing dead deer (or any wild animal). Perhaps he was lost, poor thing. Today we saw the same dozen! deer herd again! My younger dog goes crazy and thinks he can just run out and chase them…thank goodness for the fence! LOL! Thank for the comment and Happy New Year!!


  8. Terri, that is a newish kind of light up deer – does it have a pink layer in that frame? I remember 20 years ago when all of the white light deers were popular – and my neighbor had some for years – but she stopped putting them out a few years ago – but they were different than the deer here – (and nice play on words, oh dear!)
    also, glad you jumped back into the blog when your plans changed – I have done that a few times and it led to some fun connecting (and then the opposite is true – where plans change and I have to pull away – but we roll with the changes, right?)
    Here is my link for this week:


    I combined it with the Lens Artist’s this week – and side note – I saw your mention of the word “future” for the 1-9 theme – and I look forward to seeing you then.
    Wishing you a nice rest of your Saturday

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    1. We were gone all day Saturday to hang with family, Yvette, so I’m now getting to this. Glad to see your link but I will share it for this Sunday for more live exposure 🙂 The deer were from my sis-in-law’s home so I didn’t see them during the daylight. It as indeed nice to get back to the blog earlier to capture all the great reflective posts!

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