Sunday Stills: Fall Color Challenge–Acres of #Ochre

I’m introducing some color into the Sunday Stills photo challenge! Once a month, I will feature a seasonal color, which I hope will spark loads of creativity on your part as a photographer or writer.

Photo by Adonyi Gu00e1bor on

October’s color is ochre, a brownish yellow, as shown above, but can range from yellow to deep orange. Perfect for showcasing your Fall colors!

I dug into my archives to find images of the range of colors seen in ochre.

Seeing the Fall display of leaves is what I miss by not being on the university campus these days. By late October the ginkgo trees have shown their glorious yellow leaves. Once the leaves fall, the groundskeepers arrange them into circles and other shapes.

ginkgo leaf display

This next image isn’t very exciting but it shows yellow ochre in the form of saffron fields grown in the Central Valley of California.

saffron field of ochre
Saffron Fields

I managed to find an image of a yellow Anna’s hummingbird, perfect for Lisa’s Bird Weekly Challenge, starting with letter A. I have to admit, I’m not sure hummers have yellow feathers; it may have been a trick of the light. I did not change the color, but it sure works!

yellow Anna hummingbird

These dried marigolds could have been the star of last week’s “dry” theme. They show a nice range of the ochre color.

dry ochre marigolds

On my last visit to the Big Island of Hawaii, I captured this gorgeous peachy-orange hibiscus on my walk with Graham at Hilo’s Hawai’i Tropical Bioreserve & Garden. Both floral images are submitted for Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge.

Orange hibiscus
Orange hibiscus

What do I miss now? Having my fall decorations on my fireplace mantel. They are packed away!

hello fall

The rusted yellow sun is still hanging from my backyard shed. Why haven’t I packed it yet?

Metal Aztec sun showing a little rust

Last winter, I held some of the orange sand from Nevada’s Valley of Fire in my hand. I was surrounded by this rich ochre color.

Valley of Fire's Sand
Reddish-orange glow of sand

In November, the show begins in my front yard with the reds and oranges of my Japanese maple juxtaposed onto my mulberry tree’s yellow leaves.

Autumn Peak

These leaves and the ginkgoes’ are submitted for Dawn’s Festival of Leaves challenge!

Sunday Stills Photo Challenge Reminders

  • Please create a new post for the theme.
  • Title your post a little differently than mine.
  • Don’t forget to create a pingback to this post so that other participants can read your post. I also recommend adding your post’s URL into the comments.
  • Entries for this theme can be shared all week. Use hashtag #SundayStills for sharing on social media.

I hope you enjoyed the color challenge today and that I sparked your imagination! I attempted to show each image from ochre’s lightest hue to its darkest. I’m looking forward to your version of ochre!

Autumn SIGNature

© 2020 Copyright-All rights

77 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Fall Color Challenge–Acres of #Ochre

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  6. Hi Terri, I was intrigued by your Valley of Fire sand, too. I love that place! It sounds like Ochre is basically whatever fall brown/yellow you want to make it. I didn’t look it up. You’ve inspired me. Now it’s off to the photo files.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You are coming along! It won’t be long now! We had leach lines dug across our front lawn from the house to the driveway, breaking all the water pipes in the process. Today they are there decommissioning the septic tank that is antiquated and right in front/under of our front window. Vince restored the rock yesterday from porch to the arch entrance, shoveling in tons of new rock. Yesterday he said, “I hope they don’t mess it up.” When we have these tight deadlines, we don’t have time to think straight. Our appraisal is a week from yesterday and he wants everything back to normal!!! He’s going to be so glad to settle down in Prescott. I hope Hans doesn’t work himself to death. Vince hasn’t had time to even start on the garage. I think I’m going to tackle that with a friend.

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  8. I love the circles and shapes the grounds people make with the fallen leaves, Terri. I’ve never seen that before. It’s probably too windy for them to do it here in the UK, although many of the leaves are now down because of the recent high winds we’ve had.

    I never knew that saffron was grown in your part of the world. Isn’t it expensive to buy? I wonder if those fields are guarded?

    Autumn is my favourite season. I love all the different colours on display at this of the year. Hope the packing is going well. This time next year, you’ll be able to have all your fall decorations on display.

    Liked by 2 people

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  13. Hi, Terri,
    I’m not sure if this is ochre, and it certainly can’t compete with your fabulous pictures, but I took this picture last fall in Edisto Beach, SC on a lovely fall morning. It’s Goldenrod and plays havoc with my allergies, but the color is a favorite. Hope it’s ok to post it in your comments. Have a great week! Joe

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  17. Hi Terri, you’ve shown a whole range of ochre colourings and I’m so happy to know we will go ‘colourful’ once a month for Sunday Stills. I loved the sand and saffron fields!

    Ochre is an unusual colour but I had just the post to share for this one. Another trip back in time to our Aboriginal walk in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia where we were daubed with ochre as part of a special ceremony.

    Liked by 2 people

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  23. Beautiful!! What a great color selection for this month.

    Before I moved to AK I had a hibiscus tree. Your photo reminded me of it. I loved that tree! it would live on my deck in the summer and in my dining room in the winter. I hope it is still thriving in it’s new home. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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  25. Wonderful colors of ochre! The sand looks interestingly damp from Valley of Fire. I’m looking for my picks from my sister-in-laws wedding there to share in my post this week. 🙂 Nice hummingbird! Fall is my favorite time of year even though our leaves don’t start turning until January if at all. Most of the time, they go from green to gone! Life in Florida! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Green to gone, funny, Lisa! That sand was very densely packed, but it was quite dry. My friend is heading to VOF next month. I sent her the link to a couple of my posts about the place. Our fall gets its best vibes by Veterans day. Looking forward to your post!

      Liked by 2 people

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