Calling All Instagrammers: Join the #Instagram Summer Photo Challenge

Summer is a great time for getting outside and taking pictures! Join myself and fellow blogger Leslie  for her second annual Instagram Summer Photo Challenge.

This challenge on Instagram begins July 1st and runs the entire month.

If you can’t post something every day you can pick the daily themes you like and post then. The days and themes are wide open for interpretation. You can choose to share new photos or dig into your archives.

Be sure to include the hashtag #2018SummerInstaPhotoChallenge.

Instagram is a popular photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook. You do not have to be on Facebook to enjoy and use Instagram. However, if you have both, the Instagram app lets you choose to share the image to your Facebook timeline.

While on my 4-month blogging break last spring, my goal was to continue to share my photos on Instagram and build my following. I participated in a couple of daily challenges and followed new people. During that time I also gained over 200 new followers.

Sharing photos on Instagram is all about the hashtags. You can see in Leslie’s example how she used them. This helps folks find you.

Aixa at Mucho Spanish has a huge Instagram following. Why? Because she not only has wonderful photos and shares them consistently, she also engages with comments and follows others’ feeds. Here is an interesting post about her relationship with Instagram.

Sure there a annoying ads on the feed, but I ignore them and keep scrolling.

This is an IG (Instagram) post I shared a few weeks ago that got quite a few likes!  I tell a little story and use hashtags (see Leslie’s post above for her example); almost like a mini-blog! I see too many posts with just a photo and no hashtags. The information helps everyone engage with your image!

Please consider joining the challenge. No Instagram account? Start one!

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  2. mommyhon333

    Yay, I can comment!! Thank you for this mention and for encouraging me to revive last year’s summer Insta photo challenge. I had truly forgotten all about it and am so touched that you remembered and were interested in doing it with me again this year. Thank you, Terri!!!

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