Kryptonite Brought to Planet Earth

Breaking News in South Lake Tahoe, California.

This just in:

Alien Spacecraft Descend on Unsuspecting Lake Tahoe Casino Guests

Spaceships descend on Planet Earth’s South Lake Tahoe area.

Spacecraft Landing Strip

A series of Unusual  landing strips mar the existing Lake Tahoe air field.

Aliens leave behind Giant Boulders of Kryptonite

Aliens leave behind what appears to be giant boulders of Kryptonite, casting a frighteningly eerie glow on native pine trees.

Throngs of people in nearby casinos and hotels suddenly disappear.

This sci-fi moment brought to you by the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

I found several photos that worked for the theme of Unusual . As I began to edit them, I combined all three into a very short story. The top image is a series of overhead ceiling lights in the Palomar Hotel in downtown San Diego. The second image shows the odd lighting of my solar lamp sitting on our picnic table. The third image was actually taken in South Lake Tahoe entrance to The Hard Rock Casino Hotel. On a cold Autumn night, miniature metal pine trees are silhouetted within the elevated fire rings lined with glowing, green rocks.

Maybe it really IS kryptonite?

I watch too much sci-fi!



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