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Use CANVA in your writing

As part of my Thursday Reblog feature today, I am happy to share a post by fellow blogger and author, Jacqui Murray. I appreciate anyone who can share their experiences using Canva to create stunning graphics, and not just for blogging.

As a photographer, I have used PicMonkey for several years to post-edit my images. I love the program and use the premium version.

I have a Canva account, but admit to not using it as much. After reading Jacqui’s post, I felt I should give it another try. The featured image you see is one I created using Canva. The photo image was free from Unsplash  and easy to uploadI really found it quite easy and intuitive. Yes it is similar to PicMonkey, but I believe for creating graphics, it’s a little simpler. 

And just like that, I’m a graphic designer! My next plan is to create an eBook cover.

Marsha Ingrao of Always Write, shared her post How CANVA Turned Me into a Graphic Artist

What programs do you prefer for creating graphics and for editing your images?

Please visit and read the rest of Jacqui’s post:

No one disagrees with the importance of the visual in communicating. The problem usually is creating it. Most writers are great at word-smithing, but not so good at matching colors, picking fonts and font sizes, and then laying everything out artistically. It’s much easier to leave the artistry for the artists.

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26 thoughts on “How to Use Canva in Your Writing | WordDreams

  1. mommyhon333

    I tried PicMonkey with no luck. But as you said above, Canva is more intuitive. And the more I use it, the more I learn about how to make it work better for my purposes.

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    1. I started with Picmonkey from a recommendation from WordPress for photo challenges. I am so used to it, it’s hard to use anything else. Canva has great applications though. Yours look great from what I’ve seen so far–you have the knack for Canva, for sure!


  2. I use Canva for all my photos. I usually find things on pixabay and upload them, or use my own shots. Canva is easy to use. I will probably upgrade to the pro version because then you can quickly adjust the shape and size of images for different social media.

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    1. Canva has some different uses that I’m exlporing…I’m so used to PicMonkey after 2+ years, it’s kind of my go to for a quick photo post-edit. I use pro version of PicMonkey–$39/year! I think the premium versions for visual graphics are worth every dime!


  3. Hi Terry,
    A guest author of mine recommended Upsplash. I went there but was too busy to make an account. I’ll have to pursue it further. All royalty free, I assume. On my way to Jacqui’s blog.

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      1. Thank you Terri. I had stopped putting my selfie in photos and was going for a more ‘professional’ look when my sister told me she missed them and thought my blog needed my face back. So now it has become my unofficial trademark!

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  4. Donna

    Thank you for sharing this, Terri. I wholeheartedly agree with Jacqui about Canva being simple and easy to use for so many graphic design purposes. I am the Social Media Director for one of our local organizations and use it all the time for blogs, Facebook, websites, flyers, posters, etc. I also frequently use it on my own blog. For me, Canva offers a professional look at no cost, and with great ease. What could be better? I haven’t tried Pic Monkey yet but will definitely look it up.

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