Summer Editorial Calendar Round-Up: Choosing the Right Calendar/Planner

Welcome to my sort of new feature, Reblog Thursdays. It may remind you of my recent “Reblog Tuesdays” but I am tabling that for now.

Let me explain…

As an adjunct university lecturer, I don’t teach in the summer! These next three months are wide open for me to get busy writing my new book “No Excuses Fitness,” which I have finally started.

So, less blogging, more book writing.

I plan to reblog some of my older, popular posts that will be of interest to folks, especially to newer readers. I also find others blogs and will reblog those as well. Of course, I will continue to contribute every Friday to the WordPress weekly photo challenge.

Please enjoy this post from last July 2016.

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

Summer editorial calendar round-up. Choosing the right calendar/planner

The doldrums of Summer are here and perhaps your blog is feeling the effects. I don’t know about you, but my blogging experience has proven that summer can be a slow season for bloggers. Recently I have read a few posts on how bloggers can enjoy their summers while still maintaining a minimum blogging presence.

One way to accomplish this without losing all your hard-earned followers and readers, is to take this time to critically examine your current editorial calendar.

And what if you do not have one? At the bottom of this post, I will leave a few links to resources you can use now.

Choosing the Right Calendar for your Blogging (or Writing) Needs

While creating this post, I googled “editorial calendars.” Yes, the hits are huge! I wrote a post last summer “What’s On my Editorial Calendar” and in re-reading it, I realized how much…

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17 thoughts on “Summer Editorial Calendar Round-Up: Choosing the Right Calendar/Planner

  1. Good ideas Terri. Thanks for sharing. Digging out old posts and revamping is always good, especially for new followers who weren’t around to see them originally. 🙂

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  2. Hi Terri. I just bought my new day planner last week. Another thing that is important to me is the cover. I bought one that not only had all of the sections I wanted, but a beautiful cover that spoke to me.
    Good luck with you new book.


  3. I was just thinking about creating a blog post planner… not that I’d stick to it, but it would help me remember topics that I want to write about, and ones I’d like to re-post while I’m away on various adventures. I’m excited to hear about your new book – it sounds like the perfect topic for you to tackle.

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  4. Oh my, you had me at “planner” Terri. I love calendars! The old fashion ones that you can check things off your list. I have one Day Planner that I use for everything whether it’s blogging, word count, tracking my workouts, laundry, appointments…you name it. Thanks for reposting!

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  5. Terri what a great idea to re-publish some favourite posts Terri I’m doing that as well. I try to plan a calendar and then wonder sometimes if I’ve overplanned and are too far ahead. Still I like to be organized. I also like to jot down ideas in notebooks. Thanks for the reminder to revisit how I plan and I’m looking forward to your book which is right up my alley! Have a great summer!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

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  6. Donna

    Thank you for the reminder on the importance of establishing/critically examining an editorial calendar. And congratulations on your upcoming book. It sounds like my kind of read!

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