Are You Still Young at Heart? By Robin Trimingham

Still fishing at 80+My Auntie passed away in her sleep a few days ago. She lived a long life well into her 80s. As our population ages, and people live much longer, we all need to consider the quality of life we will have into our 80s and beyond.

This article describes the benefits of fitness for the elderly (which, by the way, will be US in fewer years than we want to admit!). The USA is sadly FAR behind the rest of the world, offering little in the way of walk-able communities and fitness and wellness opportunities for older populations.

“…several large urban centers around the world are starting to install purpose built outdoor gyms and play areas for the elderly to inspire fitness and wellbeing.”

My father will celebrate his 81st birthday in mid-July. He keeps fit by taking care of his horses in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. This is a photo of him hiking around Mammoth Lakes last year.

If you have parents still alive, do you see to their care and fitness needs? Hopefully you can still encourage them to at least walk if they are able.

And while you are at it, work on your own fitness regimen. It’s easier than you think. More about that later.

You are never too old to play.


14 thoughts on “Are You Still Young at Heart? By Robin Trimingham

  1. Terri, I am so sorry for the loss of your aunt. You’ve taken this sad moment to remind all of us about the steps we must take on behalf of our own aging family members as well as ourselves. Thank you for your kind heart.

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    1. Thanks, Lisa. When I talked to my dad yesterday, he had accepted the news. She was his cousin and they had been close as teens. My dad, though suffering from COPD, still enjoys life and is my role model for my playful attitude 😊

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  2. I’m sorry to her about your auntie, Terri. I have a favorite auntie who is 90 years old. Prior to a stroke she suffered two years ago, she lived independently, went to exercise five days a weeks, and was always on go. She’s my roll model! Keep moving!

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  3. Hi Terri! Happy early birthday to your Dad. That is so important to stay young and active as long as we can. I am fortunate to live where lots of older but very active adults live. Nearly every day I am inspired to see what people are capable of no matter what their age. I think people in the past were more active (my parents certainly were) so they didn’t always need the constant reminder to exercise–but we, and all those at any age, will benefit by the experience. And yes, the more our communities make fun “play places” for us to do it, the better. ~Kathy

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