How To Support The Blogs You Love For Free!

Welcome to my Tuesday “reblog” feature where I find posts relevant to my own life and may be of interest to others.

One of my blogger pals created this extremely helpful post! When I first started blogging, I asked myself why should I share others’ posts when no one was sharing mine. This is a terrible mindset from which I luckily moved on. A couple of bloggers randomly shared some of my posts. I returned the favor.

Now I AUTOMATICALLY share most posts with Twitter, Stumble-Upon, Facebook, and now Flipboard!

Be sure to scroll down for her helpful infographic social media round-up!

When you can, follow your fellow bloggers on Flipboard! Here’s mine!

Shop Girl Anonymous

Why Should I Share Blogs If I Do Not Blog?

Because, simply, we blog for you. If you enjoy a blog, please share it. Our pay comes from yourviews, wether that be pay in cash or just through satisfaction of exposure. If you share it, the blog will grow, and the greater growth the more likely your favorite blog will still be around years from today. Consider it like a tip you would leave a great waitress, or an extra item onto a sale of a great sales person…except completely, totally, and utterly free.

Why Should I Share Blogs If I am a Blogger?

Blogging without a community is like breathing without air, and to achieve a community you have to make an impact on the blogs you love. Sharing blogs effectively communicates your love and appreciation for a blog, which then slowlygains you a dedicated following.


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3 thoughts on “How To Support The Blogs You Love For Free!

  1. Sharing is where it’s at in the writing/blogging world. You can tell fairly soon when meeting a new blogger if you are dealing with a ‘giver’ or not. And just as in all of life, generosity breeds abundance. There is an audience for us all even with all the noise in the blogosphere. I have found that patience and building an audience over time has been so rewarding. But I couldn’t have done it without a lot of help from my friends.

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  2. Donna

    I actually learned about blog sharing from you, Terri. And I am very glad that I did. The blogosphere needs more generous and supportive ‘mentor bloggers’ like you and Shop Girl!

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