The Ugly Side Of Blogging No One Talks About

Are you a new blogger? Are you a veteran blogger? Have you thought about quitting your day job to be a blogger? Read this fantastic post first from my friend, Elena Peters. She tells it like it is, folks. The take-away? Blog because you LOVE it!

11 thoughts on “The Ugly Side Of Blogging No One Talks About

  1. I had read her post earlier and thought it had such great points. I have a friend who has started to blog hoping to make money… I tried to warn her that it would be difficult and take way more time than her current job (which DOES make her money 🙂 ). Thanks for sharing this important information.

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  2. I read her post this morning and she is so right about everything she says. I truly wish I had more time to focus on blogging and everything it entails, but when one needs to make a living, priorities should be elsewhere. That is my conclusion after one year of writing my Roaming About blog! 🙂

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  3. robjodiefilogomo

    You are so right, Terri—do it because you love it!
    There was one time I thought about putting together a book for kids right out of college or high school that would give 10 good & bad points about every job. Because that’s real life, right? Nothing is perfect!!

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